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The One Logistics provides the most prestigious, professional, and competitive air freight service in Vietnam with fast customs services committed to satisfying even the most demanding customers.


Air freight services, international shipping include:

- International air transportation from Vietnam to Asian countries quickly within 24 hours:

+ Shipping goods to Korea: Flight 06 hours
+ Shipping goods to Japan: Flight 06 hours
+ Shipping to China: Flight 04-06 hours
+ Shipping to India: Flight 08-12 hours

- International air freight from Vietnam to Europe, America, Africa within 2-4 days

+ Shipping to the US from 3-4 days
+ Shipping to France from 2-3 days
+ Shipping to Italy from 2-3 days
+ Shipping goods to Spain from 3-4 days

- Air transport for goods imported from all over the world to Noi Bai and Tan Son Nhat airports.

- Air transport services for domestic goods at Noi Bai airport, Tan Son Nhat airport, Da Nang airport,...


Air transport


The One Logistics has an air freight service that transports the following items:

- Transporting garments, leather shoes.
- Transportation of electronic components, machinery components.
- Transportation of consumer goods, food, household appliances.
- Transport cosmetics, personal goods.
- Transporting food, fresh and frozen goods such as frozen fish meat, fruit, confectionery, canned goods...
- Transporting dangerous goods (DG goods): Battery goods, chemical goods, ...
- Transporting oversized, overloaded, light goods.


Price list for freight by air:

There is usually no fixed air freight rate, but normally the freight rates will be updated once a month.

Air freight rates will vary depending on each item and are distributed as follows:

- Air freight rates for ordinary goods.

- Freight for fresh, frozen, chilled goods, goods difficult to preserve.

- Air freight for dangerous goods, DG goods, lithium battery goods, battery goods, chemical goods.

- Freight charges for light goods, heavy goods, bulky goods.

In addition, the price list for freight by air no longer depends on the volume of the shipment, the carrier, and the flight time.


Cheap air freight


The process of transporting goods by air at The One Logistics:

1. Select flight schedule and get air transport booking confirmation (booking):

When booking, it is necessary to confirm whether the information recorded on the airline booking is correct such as departure airport, arrival airport, quantity of goods, departure date, arrival date.

2. Receiving goods at customer's warehouse or receiving goods at the airport:

The One Logistics will check and ensure the packing to ensure the safety of air transport when receiving the goods. At the airport, we will weigh the goods to know the weight, measure the size again to know the volume of the goods.

3. Carrying out customs procedures for export and import:

Customs clearance is an important thing to do to be able to export or import goods. We need to declare the exact name of the goods, the type and quantity, which will help the customs clearance of goods.

4. Issuing air waybill:

After the customs declaration is cleared, based on the information provided such as the exporter, importer, weight and volume, the airline will issue a bill of lading to confirm the air transportation process.

5. Goods arrive, receive notification of arrival, do import customs procedures
When the plane lands, the airline, the shipping agent will send a notice of the goods to the consignee. The One Logistics will do import customs clearance for the goods.
6. Receive goods, deliver goods to recipients
When customs clearance is completed, we will pick up the goods on behalf of the recipient at the airport and deliver the goods to their warehouse address.

The One Logistics will provide Logistics services for customers:

+ Very cheap air transport for all types of goods via reputable airlines such as Vietnam Airlines (VN),  Korean Air Cargo(KE),  VietJet Cargo(VJ),  Thai Cargo(TG),  Turkish Airlines( TK),  Cathay Pacific Cargo(CX), China Airlines(CI), China Southern Airlines(CZ), Emirates(EK), EVA Air(BR)...

+ Package import and export services, delivery services from the shipper's warehouse or the airport to the airport or the recipient's warehouse: (Airport-Airport, Door-Airport, Airport-Door, Door-Door).

+ Consolidating export retail goods and dividing imported goods.

+ Other support services at The One Logistics: customs agency, customs declaration, cargo insurance, dangerous goods declaration, UN packing, application for certificate of origin, plant quarantine, Animal quarantine, wooden bales, fumigation...


International shipping - Cheap air freight



- Air freight, international shipping is fast and cheap because we have a lot of goods going every day, so the shipping price is very good.

- Transporting a variety of goods such as: garments, electronics, food, machinery, medical equipment, chemicals, commercial products, agricultural products...

- Good relationship with airlines, port warehouses help to apply for more seats, more loads (for more space), ask for an extension of the last time to deliver goods to the airline (extend the cut-off time) )...

- Enthusiastic, experienced and professional staff.

- Equipment system to meet all work related to import and export, Logistics well meets logistics in air transport.

- Commit that the goods will be boarded quickly, ensuring the safety of the goods for customers, without damage or loss.


The One Logistics is entrusted as a freight agent for many airlines, the freight rates meet most of the needs of customers. We will provide air freight services tailored to your needs, including direct and indirect flights to ensure safe, on-time freight.
The One Logistics is committed to providing customers with good service quality with the best flight schedules, competitive prices and enthusiastic advice. We will send the booking to the customer as soon as possible, ensure the accuracy and always check to update the itinerary of the shipment.
The One Logistics is trying to become the leading logistics service provider in Vietnam with services such as air transportation, sea transportation, customs services, domestic road transportation as well as domestic and international road transport. international.

We are committed in the logistics supply chain that will do the best to have the best service and get the most trust from all customers.


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