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With its extensive experience in the field of customs declaration and customs clearance, The One Logistics will provide the best support for bonded warehouse customers in customs clearance procedures and certified staff. Customs clearance practice can handle all the incidents related to customs brokerage, helping customers save time and money.


What is Bonded warehouse?

Bonded warehouse is a warehouse area established on the territory of Vietnam, separated from the surrounding area for temporary storage, preservation or performance of some services for goods from abroad or from inside. and put into warehouses under bonded warehouse lease contracts signed between bonded warehouse owners and goods owners.




Bonded warehouse services are provided for merchants:


+ Goods of Vietnamese enterprises imported from abroad, want to pack, reinforce or wait for sale to the company factory in the industrial zone.

+ Export goods have been cleared for export.

+ Goods which have expired must be re-exported.

+ Goods which are forced to be re-exported by competent state agencies.

+ Goods of foreign owners who have not yet signed sale contracts with Vietnamese enterprises.

+ Goods of Vietnamese enterprises imported from abroad waiting to be brought into the domestic market and not subject to import tax.

+ Goods from abroad in transit, stored in Vietnam for export to third countries.


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Customs procedures for goods into and exported from bonded warehouses:


+ For goods brought from foreign countries into bonded warehouses, the declaration dossiers include: warehouse lease contract, customs declaration, invoice, packing list, bill of lading and other necessary documents.

+ For goods brought from Vietnam into bonded warehouses: The goods owners or their lawful representatives must complete all the customs procedures like export goods according to law before sending the goods. bonded; Submitted dossiers: bonded warehouse lease contracts, customs declarations of export goods with customs procedures completed, customs declaration forms put into bonded warehouses and other necessary documents.

+ For goods brought overseas, the dossiers must be submitted: export declarations; export authorization paper; delivery bill.

+ Goods imported from bonded warehouses into the Vietnamese market must complete all customs procedures and implement import-export management policies like goods imported from abroad into Vietnam.


Come to The One Logistics, we will provide you all the services related to bonded warehouse such as:

+ Consultant enthusiasm, free benefits, procedures to prepare, things to know, should be avoided when shipping goods to the bonded warehouse.

+ To rent bonded warehouses or introduce bonded warehouses up to international quality standards, to have modern fire prevention and fighting systems and professional goods management systems.

+ Declaration of customs clearance of imported and exported goods including export goods to export processing zones, industrial parks or export via air, land and sea.

+ Lifting goods at warehouses, packing, reinforcing goods (if necessary).

+ Support to import goods and export immediately after that quickly.

+ Support customs declaration, goods management by import and export many times in the same shipment.


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