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What is a fumigation certificate? Why should fumigation? Which items should be fumigated. The One Logistics will show you all information related to fumigation.

Goods exported from Vietnam to other countries are subject to many customs regulations in the port of destination so that importers (Vietnamese buyers of goods) can carry out procedures to clear the consignment. One of the regulations is the fumigation of goods exported from Vietnam applied to some specific items.


The reason must be fumigation of export goods

- Some organic products such as agricultural products (coffee, pepper, cashew nut ...), wood-based items such as rattan and bamboo products, handicrafts and wooden products. Surface treatment ... These items, if not treated with chemicals, in the process of transport will produce termites, molds, molds or insects harmful to the environment.

- Packaged packaging for export goods originating from timber such as wooden pallets, packing pottery, wooden packing for machinery and spare parts.

Long transit time (from HCM to Europe usually takes more than 25 days, travels to the USA over 18 days, takes about 20 days in Australia). During that time, the containerized goods closed at high temperatures (over 40 degrees Celsius) and the moisture-vapor environment created favorable conditions for mold and insects to proliferate.

- The strict environmental protection regulations of the port of destination apply to goods imported into Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia. Import shipments that do not comply with this rule will face severe penalties. The fines will be Vietnamese exporters.

Because of the above reasons, when receiving export orders from Vietnamese exporters, for those items requiring fumigation of incoming customs, freight forwarding companies, or transportation brokers have reminded exporters to pay attention to this task. However, there are some unfortunate things happening and sometimes the consequences are not small.


fumigation certificate


The case arises


- Do not fumigate goods.

In 2009 there was a case of a 40-foot ceramic container shipment to Europe but not fumigated wooden pallets as exporters did not know this information or missed packing details. After arrival, the customs of the country detected and the fine level of about 20,000 euros with the requirement to return to Vietnam or destroyed on the spot.


- Forget fuming goods.

This seemingly impossible occurrence usually occurs when the closing time for container shipping is nearing completion. Executives of import and export now only pay attention to how to make containers can be received and loaded on board but forget the fumigation of goods. Around the beginning of 2010 a handicraft export company has timely detected this error for their shipment to Europe. Luckily, the goods are located in the port of Singapore. The Vietnamese company will have to seek a container shipment agent in Singapore to handle this container fumigation at a cost of nearly $ 600 for a 20-foot container.

- Fumigation does not meet requirements. Although the exporters have asked for fumigation (usually the required chemical and the fumigating time is 12 hours before the container is loaded at the port of HCMC), there are cases where Australian customs still require it. This batch of fumigation should be fumigated because of fumigation quality is not guaranteed. Trial information indicates that the fee is about AU $ 1,000 per 20-foot container.

It should be added that customs regulations in Australia are very strict in this regard. For goods imported into Australia that contain packaging, in addition to the Fumigation Certificate in accordance with export regulations also have to make Packing Declaration. This list will be sent to importers in Australia soon after the departure of the ship in Ho Chi Minh City.


- The certificate of fumigation is not accepted.

There is a case where Australian customs does not accept fumigation certificates from a small number of fumigant service providers in Vietnam due to the quality of their services. To avoid this situation, Vietnamese exporters should consult with freight forwarders and transport brokers as they have agents in Australia to verify and verify the information.

It is interesting that these incidents sometimes arise, causing much controversy between exporters and freight forwarding companies.

It can be seen with the relatively competitive cost of smoking (about 300,000 VND / 20 feet container including VAT), fast service, quality assurance as well as the professionalism of forwarding companies. Transportation, the fumigation of export goods is just "little story". If Vietnamese exporters do not take advantage of the outsourcing of logistics, it is necessary to standardize procedures for import and export procedures for their companies and measures to monitor and prevent the " small "can arise into a complex problem.


The documents required to be issued with the certificate of disinfection:

- Commercial invoice
- Packing slips
- Bill of Lading
- Time to issue certificate of disinfection: Within 1-2 days after spraying and send all documents.


Form of Certificate of Fumigation


Form of Certificate of Fumigation


Nowadays, there are many companies offering fumigation services with low cost and fast process quality. Fumigation does not take too much time and money, but if the goods are not fumigated or fumigated incorrectly will cause great consequences and costs are very high, but this mistake was not a lot of business. We hope that businesses will make good choices.


For quick and convenient smoking, please contact us via hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang). We are committed to providing free advice and providing the fastest antimicrobial certification for you to serve as a professional customs officer.


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