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The One Logistics is a provider of efficient logistics solutions that cover most types of transportation such as ocean freight, air freight, road and rail.

In the type of transport services, air transport is the most modern and time-saving type of transportation. Today, this form of transport is widely welcomed and used by customers because of the quality of service as well as the time to meet the delivery of goods quickly, conveniently in a wide range of the world.

Prior to accepting the transportation, the air freight service will also carry out prior classification. Customers need to know this classification information to be able to peace of mind using the air transport services in the most optimal way. 


Classification of goods in air transport services 




Standard goods

This group of goods is always in the standard state of the cargo transport as well as of the airport security unit. Properties such as packaging, content, size, textiles, cameras, shoes ...


Special goods

These special items will require the shipping unit to have proper handling. At the same time, customers are required to have a standard packaging. Commodities of particular commodity categories are:


Live animals

  • * High value goods
  • * Diplomatic goods
  • * Skeleton
  • * Perishable goods, dangerous goods, wet goods, smelly goods, heavy goods.

Goods of high value

This group of goods is classified based on the value of the goods. In order to determine the value of the goods, the customer must declare the value of the goods so that the shipping unit can conduct the valuation and confirm with the agreement of both parties. High commodity values ​​are defined as commodities valued at $ 100,000 per kilogram of merchandise.


Goods of high value


High value goods are: precious metals, money, bank accounts, checks ... For this type of goods, air transport services will be carried out with the supervision and protection mechanisms at the highest level.


Diplomatic goods

Is a group of goods with great significance to a country. These are very important shipments between ministers, consulates and embassies. Carriage of these shipments will also require the highest level of enclosures.


Body, Skeleton

This group of goods is quite special so the air transport service will have strict regulations. Especially the form of packaging to ensure hygiene as well as safety during transport. However, customers should also be aware of shipping regulations at some destinations for this type of transportation.


Perishable items

Perishable cargoes, although accepted by the shipping company, will be accompanied by strict packaging and storage regulations. Perishable goods are fresh meat, fruits, vegetables ... To use transport services customers need to understand the rules of packaging and preservation to ensure the quality of goods at the best level.


At present, THE ONE LOGISTICS has deployed domestic and international shipping services to give customers more choice and peace of mind when using The One Logistics's services. Please contact hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) for direct consultation!




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