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Import and export services at The One Logistics focus on quick customs clearance to help the import or export process be seamless. To do this, customs procedures, import and export documents must be prepared, carefully checked, the information must be accurate and consistent.


1. Declaration of e-customs professional

The One Logistics has always been one of the most professional customs declarers in Vietnam, as we know that this is one of the most important steps in the process of importing and exporting goods. Asking staff to be experienced in the field and need flexibility in the process of arising, should have a modern equipment system to serve the delivery quickly.


Professional electronic customs declaration


Currently, there are many e-customs declaration software such as ECUSS VNACCS (Thai Son), Bkav eHaiQuan (BKAV), FPT.VNACCS (FPT) ... but most businesses still use soft software Ecuss of Thai Son. When declaring we need to have Vnaccs account information, digital signature of the business, enter the shipment information into the software. For details, see our article "Electronic customs declaration details".

When declaring e-customs, it should be attached to the V5 system so we have to carefully examine the records to match the information. Otherwise, there will be trouble when customs discovers heterogeneous information between import and export documents.

Places of customs procedures are customs sub-departments of border gates (international border gates) or customs sub-departments outside border gates (inland ports). The customs documents that need to be prepared, the process of customs clearance is specified in Circular 38/2015 / TT-BTC on customs procedures; Customs inspection and supervision; export tax, import tax and tax administration for imported and exported goods; and Circular 39/2018 / TT-BTC amending and supplementing a number of articles of Circular No. 38/2015 / TT-BTC.

The customs declaration after electronic transmission will be classified into one of the three major streams: green passage (after tax payment will be automatically cleared), gold passage (customs officers will check the contents of the dossier, after The red channel (customs officers will check the details of the dossier and then transfer it to the physical inspection department for import / export goods before customs clearance). .


2. Customs clearance of goods

Customs clearance is a series of tasks that help customs declaration "customs clearance".

The customs clearance process often goes through many steps, many stages accompanied by many new policies issued, constantly updated, overlapping changes.

We will provide you with an overview of the necessary work of the customs declarer, the customs office, the handling of the VNACCS system from the declaration of export / import information, registration of customs declaration, related procedures during the customs clearance process, until it is licensed for customs clearance so that customers can understand even the first time they import or export.


Clearance of goods quickly


3. Fast, professional customs clearance:


It is not natural for us to confidently assure our customers that our customs clearance procedures are fast, professional, and up-to-date. We also have our own secret. Here are the factors that help to be fast customs clearance:

- Strictly monitor the shipment to Vietnam or export

- Make a pre-shipment return.

- Review possible errors, look up the correct HS code.

- Thanks to the customs office to review and check import export dossiers.

- Consultant thoughtful, dedicated, detailed to customers so they understand the procedures need to do for convenience.

- For sensitive and conditional goods when importing or exporting goods need to be more careful and require in advance catalogs, images and quality certificates.


Customs clearance professional, fast


The professional customs brokerage services of The One Logistics meet all forms of import and export such as:

- Export / Import business
- Non-commercial import / export
- Temporary import for re-export / Temporary export for re-import / Bonded warehouse
- Import / Export
- Import / export production
- Import / export goods to / from bonded warehouses, tax-suspension warehouses
- Enter investment to create fixed assets
- Import exhibitions / luggage
- Export to export processing zones / export processing enterprises
- Commodities imported for security and defense purposes


In addition, we can assist our customers in purchasing air cargo and sea freight at the most competitive prices.


With a PROFESSIONAL TEAM - EXPERIENCE AND LEARNED TRAINING through well trained courses of state agencies, especially the professional training courses of the General Department of Customs we will advise Support the customer to understand the problems that you are asking easily, ensure the shortest time to complete customs declaration.


The One Logistics provides full customs clearance services to maximize the cost savings as well as the time it takes for international shipping to Vietnam and vice versa.


With slogan: Your Cargo - Our Responsibility, THE ONE LOGISTICS will be your reliable partner!
Please contact us via hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) for advice.


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