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The One Logistics specializes in providing customs clearance services for import and export declarations at express customs sub-departments, including warehouses such as DHL, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, NASCO, HNC ... for both organizations and personal.

If you or your business has imported goods to Vietnam through courier warehouses, it is best to use external services to save time because we understand that when booking a plane to the express route will cost The fee is much more than a normal plane. Yet most businesses when goods arrive in Vietnam at express delivery warehouses cannot quickly clear customs declarations to receive goods.


Customs clearance at courier department


What is the reason for the goods to the courier warehouses are prone to congestion, customs clearance of the slow declaration, receiving goods late?

Currently, express delivery warehouses do not provide customs clearance services for imported goods, imported goods must be checked for quality, goods that need to be licensed, and goods to be quarantined. or old goods.

Therefore, in order to clear customs declarations, customers must do specialized inspections, apply for permits and self-declare customs. This often leads to unnecessary mistakes, has been slower and slower, costs are expensive because of the many different doors.

If you're quick-witted, you can think of it right away as hiring service parties. Understand simply that when the service side works, they do faster, more professionally, cost less. The service provider will collect the service fee, but in many cases, the service fee plus the state fee is still more economical than the self-employed customer. Moreover, it also saves a lot of time and effort.


With customs clearance service at our courier department, individuals as well as businesses need to sit and coordinate and provide remote information and still receive goods quickly.

Your goods about DHL or EMS or FEDEX or any other courier warehouse? Please contact and send the shipment documents to us, you will be consulted thoroughly about what to prepare, what to note and will receive the goods quickly.


The order of customs declaration and customs clearance in courier warehouses is as follows:

Step 1: Receive shipment documents, give advice to receive goods in the most convenient way

Step 2: Apply for a license or specialized commodity inspection. Declare customs declaration based on available documents. Consult customs before making a formal declaration if necessary

Step 3: Customs clearance of customs declaration at the customs sub-department for express delivery

Step 4: Receive the goods at the express delivery warehouse and deliver it to the customer or the warehouse warehouse to transfer the goods directly to the guesthouse


Customs clearance service at the customs department of courier


Some errors are often encountered and should be avoided when customs clearance is made at the courier department of customs:

- The HS code is not accurate.

- Description of goods name missing brand, model, utility, ingredients, ...

- Low import prices

- Lack of freight bill or EXW charge for some terms in Incoterm.

- Goods subject to specialized inspection, import license.

- False declaration of some common criteria on declarations such as ship name, date of arrival, branch code, warehouse code waiting for customs clearance expected ...


Please contact The One Logistics right through the hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) when there are goods for international express delivery like DHL, FEDEX, EMS, NASCO, HNC, VNPost, TNT.


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