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Customs clearance services are very much trusted by the economic growth rate and the increasing volume of import and export goods.

Currently, many commercial enterprises participate in import and export of goods. These enterprises often do not have import / export departments or if they have export and import rooms, they often only negotiate with foreign partners to buy goods, manage the schedule of goods, and ask foreign countries to send certificates. words needed to do import procedures in Vietnam. Therefore, customs clearance services are growing and service quality is improving.


The One Logistics understands that customs declaration is a very important step in the import and export, quick and accurate customs declaration will help businesses save time, costs and human resources for post-customs clearance inspection.


Customs clearance services for imported goods


Why need customs clearance?

Customs service providers often have offices in border ports where they work customs, so they will be more familiar with customs and work faster.

Every day, the customs clearance units make dozens to dozens of shipments that need clearance, so they will do better because they have a lot of questions or not.

Customs clearance services help import and export enterprises focus on trade and production. The stages of making profits primarily for businesses. And the service of customs clearance is not very big. Depending on the scale of import-export enterprises to select the appropriate service


Benefits of customs clearance:

- Customs clearance helps businesses clear customs faster

- Helping quality inspection, quarantine, more professional quality announcement.

- Avoid errors in records such as HS code, import tax, Incoterm clause, type code, branch code ...

- Helping to allocate business resources more reasonably

- Help to receive imported goods or export schedule on time, on schedule

- Help with advice on how, commercial and banking transactions such as issuance of bills of lading, endorsement of bills of lading, bank guarantee ...


Process of customs clearance services:

- Receive import and export goods information, set up customs dossiers (if necessary), provide additional advice or information to customers if they are missing or erroneous.

- Receive digital signatures or get Vnaccs account information to serve the declaration signing process.

- Register for Vnaccs account with the General Department of Customs if the customer does not have an account.

- Prepare a draft declaration, send to customers to check and advise HS code to make the tax payment most reasonable ...

- Transmitting official declarations to the customs system, taking channels, sending declarations to customers for tax payment (if any).

- Submitting the declaration to the customs office, customs clearance of the declaration, payment of fees at the port, customs seal to supervise and receive goods or weighing goods, measuring DIM, customs seal monitoring and screening for customers .

- Transporting goods to help customers.

The One Logistics has a team of experienced customs operators, enthusiastic, professional to answer, advise customers on questions, help customers receive goods or export goods quickly, at the most reasonable cost.

Please contact us via the hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) for advice and get a full price quotation for import and export services.


The One Logistics - Bring trust to every customer

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