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In the previous series, we presented to you the procedure for importing fresh fruits as well as instructions for making plant quarantine procedures to help you understand the necessary papers or workflows to From there, you can do the work yourself without being surprised.


The One Logistics will guide customs procedures, import procedures and customs clearance of fresh strawberries into Vietnam.


What are the customs procedures for importing fresh strawberries? Customs clearance when importing strawberries is fast? What are the steps for the process of importing fresh strawberries into Vietnam?


Customs procedures for importing fresh strawberries into Vietnam


To carry out customs procedures for importing fresh strawberries, you first need to apply for a plant quarantine permit from the Plant Protection Department.

Currently, we are able to apply for import quarantine permits through national one-stop information. Normally, we can apply for one-time import but for many imported shipments by calculating the total volume to be imported in 3 months to apply for a license.

Plant quarantine license - The One Logistics

After obtaining a permit to import fresh strawberries, you need to register for quarantine and food hygiene and safety at the border quarantine department such as Noi Bai plant quarantine station.

At this time, the application of imported plant quarantine registration can be registered on the national portal, the plant quarantine officials will respond to approval or need to amend and supplement the file. system.

However, the procedures for inspection of imported food safety registration at the Noi Bai plant quarantine station still have to be done manually and submit the paper with the red stamp of the importer. When carrying out the procedures for registration of plant quarantine, the required documents must be submitted to the quarantine station in addition to the import permit and the quarantine certificate.

Usually the quarantine certificate of export will return to the same goods on the flight.


Certificate of export quarantine - The One Logistics


After carrying out the procedures for registration of imported plant quarantine, we declare the customs declaration of imported fresh strawberries into Vietnam.

You need to attach the necessary documents to V5, then proceed with customs clearance at the customs sub-department of import border gate, such as Noi Bai customs department. It should be noted that, for goods with preferential C / O, in addition to the V5 e-customs system, you need to go through the warehouse to receive the documents of the consignment back to the same flight to pay original C / O for Customs before clearance clearance.




After the customs allows the goods to be taken for sampling, the quarantine unit will conduct the actual inspection and quarantine of the goods. The customs declaration will be cleared when the quarantine agency grants a quarantine certificate to be eligible for import into Vietnam.

Fresh fruit products in general and fresh strawberries in particular are conditional imported goods and are items that need cold storage as well as perishable so when doing import procedures the work steps must be done urgently. .


If you have any questions or need to find a unit to import fresh strawberries into Vietnam, call us immediately via Hotline: 0903.288.872 (Mr Thang) for support and advice.


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