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The One Logistics will guide you in detail how to send dangerous goods from packing to air customs clearance for this item.

For dangerous goods, aviation law, special provisions of IATA, airlines and airports are very strict in packaging, exploitation and transportation. To ensure safety for passengers, many dangerous goods are also prohibited from transporting on passenger aircraft.

Most dangerous rated goods are packed according to the standards of IATA (International Air Transport Association) before being transported by plane.

We often pack dangerous goods into standard UN containers corresponding to the size of the goods before exporting.


Pack dangerous goods into a standard UN box

You need to know that every UN box has an UN number that is a four-digit number that identifies hazardous substances, products (such as explosives, flammable liquids, hazardous substances, ...) in framework of international transport.

Some hazardous substances have their own UN numbers (eg acrylamide has UN2074), while chemical groups or similar products receive some common UN (eg flammable liquid There are no other rules, UN1993).

A chemical in its solid state may receive a number of UNs different from the liquid phase if its hazardous properties are significantly different; Substances with varying degrees of purity (or concentration in solution) may also receive different numbers of the United Nations.

The UN number has a range from UN0001 to UN3506 and is defined by the United Nations Expert Committee on Dangerous Goods Transport. These numbers are published as part of the Dangerous Goods Shipping Recommendation, also known as the Orange Book. These recommendations are adopted by management organizations responsible for different modes of transport.


 Standard UN container symbol


After finishing packing, we proceed to declare the dangerous goods declaration for our shipment.

Each dangerous shipment requires 2 declarations to be exported. A regular export declaration, another declaration is a declaration of dangerous goods (DGD).

For this declaration, the declarer must have a valid certificate of dangerous goods and be responsible for the accuracy of the declared information. No modification of declaration is allowed unless the amendment is signed with a sender signature on the side to confirm the amendment, except for the three allowed details, the air waybill number and the departure airport , the airport arrives for mining reasons. DGD must always include a shipment unless the dangerous goods are not declared.


If you have dangerous goods such as Batteries, Batteries or chemicals please contact The One Logistics via hotline 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) for advice and provide the best service when declaring and packing goods ok

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