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For those who are first exporters, it will be difficult to know where to begin and how to do so because there are many jobs and documents in the export and import sector, so today The One Logistics will share with you some experience when making exports. Hope it will help you, especially the new job.

The One Logistics will note five things you should pay attention when making exports. Please save for reference offline.


1. Use the right type of CTU (Cargo Transport Unit)

CTU is a unit for packing, such as packing in a container. For containers in the container you should calculate the right type of CTU for economic efficiency because a container has many associated costs such as freight charges, THC fee, DEM / DET fee ... so Proper calculation will save quite a lot.

Have you ever wondered if a 40ft container is double the 20ft container, so closing 21MT in a 40ft container would make 42mt in a 40ft container, is this true?

The answer is no

Since containers are designed to carry heavier loads than bulky goods, 20ft containers are usually used to pack items such as stone, metal, paper, cement, steel, etc. but occupy less volume).

Cont. 40ft is usually used to transport bulky goods, less weight, such as: furniture, woven fabrics, steel pipes, ..

Cargo Transport Unit

So how do you choose the right CTU when you have not closed? According to you, you should consult the same business with you to learn from the previous experience. Or you can study the size and calculation of the amount of goods packed into cont for preliminary calculations if there are no previous acquaintances to refer to your shipment.


You should also note that:

Depending on the type of goods you are planning to export, select the appropriate container type
In addition, there are some product characteristics that carriers will not receive goods such as smelly goods, goods can cause humidity, easy to damage, ... or may be the goods are received but the cost You will have to pay higher.


2. CTU Status

CTU status is particularly important as it is directly related to the transport of goods.

If the container you are packing is not good, you risk many risks: lost goods, damaged goods, ...

CTU Status


One of the most frequent controversies between exporters and shipping companies is contingency when the exporters make the shipment. So:

Shipping lines are required to ship clean, dry containers, not from the depot to the exporter (or forwarder of the NXK). Depot shall comply with the instructions of the shipping lines.

The duties of the exporter must be carefully checked from the shipping line in the following basic items such as:

Empty containers must be dry, clean, odorless.
The door must be closed, without holes
There must be a place to lock the seal
Floors are not cracked or broken


3. Use the correct container type of container booking booking

This is a big problem that many exporters face. If you export a large amount of goods, sometimes 20-30 containers a day to many different ports and you book many different shipping lines. Then you may encounter the situation is to take this company to another company. For example, the ZIM container shipped to the US but using the CMA's booking, while the ZIM's travel to China.

The confusion is that many of the shipping companies have the same container manufacturing company, so the same would make the packaging manager misunderstood and misused.


4. Export documents

One of the most important issues in the shipping process that you need to keep in mind is that the documents relate to the shipment you ship and ship.


Export documents


Before shipment, you should carefully check the information:

Do you need a license when you issue it? Will cargo be unloaded at destination port
Is your cargo dangerous kgoong? Do you need any dangerous goods such as MSDS?
Packing list is correct or not, the volume has a real match?
If you ship OOG (Out of gauge) you need to make sure the paper is out.
You need to make sure the documents must be complete, accurate when exporting any shipment, because the rework, re-export the lot due to wrong documents will cost quite a lot.


5. Packing firmly

Once you have checked and satisfied with the above items, the item that needs final inspection is sure to be packed. Many problems such as accidents, damage occurred at sea cause is caused by uncertainty. For example, ships traveling on the sea are susceptible to water waves or heavy storms, if unstable goods can collide with one another, colliding with the container is broken or damaged.


Here are a few notes for beginners to export. Hope it will help to ensure your items are delivered to the recipient safely and avoid further problems.


The One Logistics Wish you success!

Please contact us through hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) for free instructions and advice customs clearance.


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