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The One Logistics would like to send you the most popular handing over forms for Import - Export.


In the life and work of handing over to someone else a problem such as property, work, records, goods, ... currently holding a need to have a clear handover. The handover record will record details such as the handler, receiver, handover content, etc. Although there is no legal effect but the handover minutes used to prove the event. Actual occurrence, the legal basis for the problems that arise later. In order to help you know how to present a handover report on a case-by-case basis, we have updated and introduced to you the right format for both the content and the form that we are very familiar with. Meetings in the life and work such as forms of minutes handover of assets, forms of handover of land, forms of handover of work, ...


The form of the hand-over of the cash fund to confirm the handover of the full amount and full ownership of the property that the two parties have agreed in accordance with the law.




In order to confirm that the activities of purchasing, selling and receiving goods among individuals, organizations and enterprises are accurate and scientific, we need to make a record of handing over goods in accordance with regulations clearly. clear, full. If you still do not know how to set up, you can refer to the following delivery form our goods.




Commodity delivery records


Minutes of handing over vouchers and cash


Invoice revocation minutes have been made


Minutes receipts recovered infrastructure charges


The form of the document handover minutes shall be used to record the transfer of documents and papers between the deliverer and the receiver. The agreement on the formulation of minutes of handing over the documents is very necessary between the two parties, thereby confirming the responsibility of the parties in the management and preservation of important dossiers and papers.
A form of minutes of handing over a document is a form of record that is usually used in cases where individuals, organizations or enterprises have handed over documents or made the purchase of dossiers, is considered one of the regular transactions occurring in trading activities or purchase goods. Through this activity, the exchange of documents and documents becomes easier and more convenient.


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