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Many people, including those in the Logisitcs industry, do not fully understand the concepts and characteristics and benefits of multimodal transport. The One Logistics we would like to send you the concept, characteristics and types of multimodal transport is popular in the world today.


1. Concept of multimodal transport:


 Multimodal transport is a mode of transportation of goods in at least two different modes of transport, on the basis of a multimodal transport contract, a transport document, a duty regime and only one sister is responsible for the goods during the carriage from one point in one country to another designated point in another country for delivery.




2. Characteristics of multimodal transport:


Transportation must have at least two modes of transportation.

Multimodal Transport Operation (MTO) acts as the trustee, not as the agent of the consignor or agent of the carrier involved in multimodal transport.

The multimodal transport operator shall be responsible for the goods in the course of carriage from the time of receipt of the goods for carriage until the delivery of the goods to the consignee including delay of delivery at the destination. Thus MTO is responsible for the goods under a certain regime of responsibility. MTO's responsibility can be either a unified responsibility regime or a step-by-step responsibility regime.

In international multimodal transport, the place of delivery and the place of delivery are usually in different countries and the goods are usually transported by means of transport such as containers, trailers, etc.


3. Forms of multi-modal transportation in the world 


Sea-Air Freight: Combining economy with speed, suitable for high value goods such as electronics and seasonal items such as clothes , toys, shoes. Goods that are transported by sea to the port of transshipment to the inland receiver quickly if transported by other means of transportation will not ensure seasonal or reduced value goods, so that airfreight is most appropriate.

Road-Air Transport: This is a combination of mobility and speed. Cars are used to focus on airports or from airports to other places. Transport activities carried out at the beginning and the end of the transport process in this manner are highly flexible, meeting the collection, concentrating on the focal point is the airport serving the long distance flight.

Rail-Road Transport: This is a combination of the safety and speed of rail transport with the mobility of car transport is being used in much of America. and Europe. According to this method, people packed in trailers were pulled to the station by a tractor called a tractor. At the trailer the trailer was pulled up to the ax and transported to the station. When it is time to use the tractor to pull the trailer down and transported to the place of delivery to the recipient.

Rail / Road / Inland waterway- Sea: This is the most common mode of transport for import and export of goods. Goods transported by rail, road or inland waterway to the seaport of the exporting country are then transported by sea to the port of importing country and then transported to inland receivers by road, rail or inland waterway transport. This model is suitable for containerized cargo on transport routes without the need for urgent shipping time.

Land Bridge Model: According to this model, cargo transported by sea crossing the oceans to ports on one continent needs to be routed through the mainland to go further by road. sea ​​to another continent. In this mode of transport, land transportation is like a bridge connecting two seas or two oceans.

Some other models: Mini Bridge (Container is transported from one country port to another country port, then transported by rail to a second port city of the country to arrive in a single bill of lading by the carrier. Marine Bridge, Micro Bridge (Similar to Mini Brigde, other than where the final destination is not a port city but an industrial or commercial center inland.


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