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Today, with the integration of the world economy, many businesses or individuals want to expand their business in many areas, but not enough capital or lack of goods. In addition, many individuals are passionate about pursuing a business, preferring to sell goods online, but are concerned about the lack of space to store their goods ... Before the fact, many warehouse services by companies provided birth.


1. What is warehouse service?

Warehouse Services, also known as warehousing and warehousing services, is to store raw materials, semi-finished products and finished goods throughout the transition from the beginning to the end of the supply chain. Provide information about the conditions, storage conditions and location of the goods being stored.




2. Benefits of using warehouse services


2.1. Using the right service will save you money:

By using appropriate warehousing and warehousing services, businesses or individuals can save a lot of money on shipping and warehousing because of consolidation and consolidation. goods - a characteristic of warehouse services. However, if the conditions, businesses should consider renting a site for their own storage to be more active in management.


2.2. Helps deal easier with market fluctuations

You may encounter a situation like this. Customers suddenly order a quantity that is too large and you do not have enough products to supply, if you have ever met this case, want to solve it only by means of warehouse service.

In fact, businesses often have to stock up a large number of products in order to respond quickly to sudden surges in supply that contribute to reducing supply chain bottlenecks. Normally, the total value of assets of a company providing products will have up to 40-50% reserve inventory. This is understandable for businesses to build credibility with customers by ensuring good supply chain.


2.3. Easily manage your merchandise to focus your business

When a business acquires a professional warehousing and storage service, it can be extremely easy to work with, reducing the burden on inventory, preservation and protection of goods. At the same time, businesses need to focus on business and customer service in the best way, improve business efficiency and shorten the time is not small.

3. The standards that a warehouse needs

A well-stocked warehouse is a high quality warehousing system with a total area of ​​over 10,000 m², which is ideal for businesses that need more storage space. the storage and distribution of goods to the appropriate areas.

In addition, warehouses must be equipped with machinery and equipment to protect the current 24 / 24h, full electric and water system, natural light ventilation, ensure that the goods are always preserved. in the best condition.

In addition to warehouses with large areas, there are warehouses for small and medium enterprises with lower area but still ensure the standards, to serve the needs of businesses.


The standards that a warehouse


Nowadays, information technology has developed strongly. Therefore, in the high quality standards of many warehouses, IT application has been applied in the system of storage and warehousing according to modern procedures. With bar code management and warehouse management software is extremely modern. This helps customers to be assured of control and management of their goods easily and scientifically.


In addition, the good warehouse service also thanks to the good as: a team of excellent experts can train and transfer the management organization as well as operating warehouse in a professional style, effective The The loading and unloading of goods must be safe, either by hand or by hand, depending on the nature and type of the goods.


There is one thing that a lot of business companies are concerned about when delivering and using the service, it is how the warehouse security. With a well-respected security force, responsible for 24/24 hours, the system of fire protection equipment is fully and well used to meet strict technical standards are the criteria to ensure the safety. security.


The customer's goods must always be stored in the safest condition. Stacking should also be focused, so that when needed, customers can pick up goods quickly, conveniently and in the least amount of time, and at the same time help them grasp the status of their goods in a single way. simple, clear.


At present, there are many companies that provide warehousing services, such as The One Logistics Vietnam. With The One Logistics, the goods are delivered safely, intact, neatly arranged and adhered to as scheduled. Please contact us immediately via hotline: 090.328.8872 for direct consultation!



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