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Look up customs declarations or specifically look up customs declarations, look up tax payment information of customs declarations and look up tax debts of businesses that are common items to look up of customs declarations when you have goods or are carrying out import and export procedures. The One Logistics will guide all of these lookups to our work.


The most common is to look up customs declarations that have been cleared or not. And if the customs clearance then need to print barcodes to import or export goods like.

To do the status of the customs declaration, you access the page of the General Department of Customs as follows:

Enter the parameters of corporate tax code, customs declaration number, branch code where the customs declaration is opened, the date of the customs declaration and click on the "get information" box.


Look up customs declaration


After clicking on the information button, we will get a list of eligible goods through the customs supervision area that you do import-export or bar code declaration of customs clearance. We need to print this barcode when picking up imported goods or putting them in the customs controlled area for export


Bar code clearance declaration


In case your customs declaration has not been allowed by customs, the search box will display like this:


Next is to look up tax payment information for customs declarations. Whether the customs declaration has paid taxes, how much tax has been paid, whether or not tax has been fully paid according to regulations.

In order to look up the tax payment information of the customs declaration, you access the link: and enter the tax code, the number of customs declarations to perform a lookup.


Look up and pay customs declaration tax

After searching, if the tax has been paid or the tax has been paid many times due to the amendment of the declaration, the system will return all the tax payments. In case the tax has been paid and the customs has approved the customs clearance, the declaration has not been cleared, the tax check has been floating into the system, or the amount of tax payment is correct compared to the declaration. Then we will receive information as shown below:

Search results pay customs declarations


For import or export declarations that do not require tax payment, the system will automatically clear customs when the customs approves the valid documents so we do not need to check this tax information if looking at the tax amount on the declaration. equals 0.


Guidance on looking up tax debts of enterprises such as debt of customs fees, overdue import tax debts ... To look up tax debts of enterprises, they need to know the identity card or passport of the legal representative.

To look up the identity card or passport of the legal representative for our business, go to and type the tax code, confirmation code to look up Please do not need to enter other information. The result will look like this:


Look up the legal representative of the business


Once we have the ID card number, ID card or passport of the legal representative, we can look up the tax debt of that business through the link: and the results will appear as shown below:


Look up tax debt information of the business


The result of tax debt will be divided into different colors with different meanings (as shown above), so businesses should pay attention to avoid overdue debt arising from late payment fines. When businesses do customs procedures, we recommend paying all fees and taxes right away to avoid unnecessary hassles and costs.


And finally, we will guide you to look up the clearance date of the declaration, the date of goods through the customs supervision area.

To look up the date and time to clear the declaration, we access the link: enter the required information such as declaration number, business code, identification number of legal representative and look up for information such as under.


Look up the date and time of customs clearance


So, The One Logistics has guided you to look up all the information of the customs declaration such as looking up the customs clearance declaration, look up the tax payment information of the declaration, and look up the tax debt of the business. and look up information of the legal representative.


The One Logistics is the leading reputable customs declaration and customs clearance unit. Always take the quality of service and completion time as a guideline at work so our staff are professional and enthusiastic. If you need advice or use services related to import and export or customs clearance, please contact us.

Hotline: 0903.288.872 (Mr Thang). It's pleasure to serve you


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