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The One Logistics will guide the search of the flight schedule of import and export goods at domestic and international airports right on our homepage for students and friends working in the import and export industry, logistics .

In the current reality, many import-export enterprises are facing difficulties in searching and tracking import and export goods of their enterprises. Especially businesses that need urgent import goods to produce or deliver to customers as well as businesses need to deliver goods to foreign partners on time stated in the contract to avoid penalties for late delivery. Some airlines did not notify the sender or the consignee that the aircraft was delayed due to bad weather or any other cause.


So how to track the schedule of air cargo flight on time? How to check if the goods are in sufficient quantity on a flight or broken down many times?


Knowing that inadequacies, The One Logistics has linked with most of the airlines in the world to directly or transiently retrieve cargo information, quantity of goods, specific flight schedules, airport transfers. and the name of cargo ships for businesses and individuals who are in need of seeking import and export goods information.

You go to our home page and enter the airway bill number into the "AIR CARGO TRACKING" box and then press "TRACK" will give the result directly below:


Track airway bill on


The results of the overview of the schedule and quantity of import and export goods are as follows:


Track shipment on The One Logistics


In the search results of import and export goods, there is also information on flights such as name of cargo ship, flight date and time, departure airport, transit airport, destination airport, quantity and weight of goods, symbol number of tray, shelf on aircraft:


Results of search of the return schedule of air waybill


In the search results, our import and export schedule also includes flight booking history, departure time, time of cargo operation, time of receiving the goods, time of sending goods notice to receiver. All information is very detailed:


Track the flight process of import and export goods

We also cooperate with Vietnam Airline to bring goods lookup information displayed right on the homepage of The One Logistics, making it easier for users to search.


Some airlines have tried to connect with their search information page to show the content and flight schedule when you click on the search word in the results displayed.


Information to track cargo schedule, air waybill with foreign countries


After clicking on the search, the browser will automatically go to the corresponding page to display the results:


Displaying results of air transport bill tracking


Some special carriers require that after linking the link, you need to re-enter your bill of lading again to get results.


Enter the air way number to track the flight schedule


And give very specific, detailed, complete information required for each shipment.


Results of air cargo bill track for full infomation of import and export goods


Thus, The One Logistics has integrated modules to look up the flight schedules of most airlines to their home page. Now you can easily look up the schedule of import and export goods to make the job convenient. Good luck!

Also, if you notice that our lookup table has 4 columns filled in information. The website allows you to look up air cargo schedules, shipping schedules via sea waybill numbers or container numbers and postal delivery schedule.


For more information, please contact our hotline at 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) for a dedicated guide to help the search work more quickly.


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