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The following article, The One Logistics will guide the import quarantine records lobster as follows::


When carrying out procedures for importing these goods, apart from customs procedures, enterprises shall have to carry out quarantine procedures with the Veterinary Medicine Inspectorate, if they reach the quality of imported goods.

There are many businesses that want to import lobster but are having some embarrassing, unclear "Quarantine registration dossier" is full of what?




Guidance on imported lobster quarantine records includes:


1. Application for registration of quarantine of import of aquatic products and aquatic products;

2. The notarized copy of the business registration certificate (for enterprises);

3. Enterprises shall only have to submit their first business registration certificates or after changing or supplementing their business lines;

4. Health Certificate / Sanitary Certificate issued by the competent authority of the exporting country (as required).


Particularly for aquatic animals (according to the provisions of Point a, Section 1 of Appendix 1), importers must import veterinary certificates for importing into Vietnam. country of origin, certifying: healthy aquatic animal originating from aquaculture establishment or rearing area or national disease-free country or have been checked without diseases in the list of aquatic animal diseases of the OIE for that aquatic animal.

Permits of competent agencies for aquaculture for aquatic breeds not on the list of aquatic breeds permitted for production and business by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The permits of CITES Vietnam for aquatic animals and aquatic products belonging to species on the list of endangered, precious and rare wild fauna and flora according to the provisions of Vietnamese law or the provisions of Appendix of CITES.

Certificates of veterinary hygiene in isolated quarantine breeds (if any); Other documents related to import goods lots (at the request of the Animal Health Department for each specific subject).


Currently, the demand for lobster imports from abroad is on the rise in Vietnam. Imports not only serve domestic demand but also re-export to third countries. Please contact The One Logistics via hotline: 090.328.8872 to get support for import license, quarantine procedures and customs of live lobster to Vietnam.



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