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The One Logistics will guide you to import Embassy goods. Type of import that many of you do not know. How are embassies imported? How to import embassy goods? Are embassy goods exempt from tax? What are the priorities for the Embassy to receive?

So let's go find out!


The Embassy is a diplomatic mission of one country in another country, established when two countries have diplomatic relations and agree to establish diplomatic agencies. The Embassy is always located in the capital of a country. Therefore, all Embassies of other countries in Vietnam are based in Hanoi as well as the Embassy of Vietnam is always located in the capital of your country.


What are common goods Embassy wants to import?

Embassies in Hanoi often import items to serve work, exhibitions, serving personal needs when needed. For example, the ambassador too could import alcohol for the purpose of promoting or receiving diplomats, they entered laptops, TVs for work or bought furniture in the meeting room ...


Are embassy imports eligible for tax incentives or policies?

Usually, the Embassy and its members are granted a duty-free purchase book from the Reception Department - Ministry of Foreign Affairs address 6 Chu Van An, Hanoi. So according to our experience, most of them will be exempt from tax. Regarding preferential policies for embassy goods, it must comply with Joint Circular No. 03/2007 / TTLT-BCT-BTC-BNG regulating the organization's temporary import, import and export of duty diplomatic.


The Embassy's duty-free norm book - The One Logistics


Customs procedures for Embassy goods.

To import Embassy goods you need the following documents to submit to the customs:

1. Import declaration

2. Invoice

3. Bill of lading

4. Quantitative import declaration form (if any)

5. Stamps and books of duty-free goods quotas


embassy import declaration - The One Logistics



The list of goods imported outside

The list of goods imported outside the list is approved by the Reception Department


In addition, you should note that, it is still possible to use the Embassy's digital signature to declare the declaration and still have to attach documents to the V5 system as for normal businesses.


Type of declaration that the Embassy usually imports.

The embassy normally imports for donations, gifts, donations or temporary import for re-exportation for product introduction events.


We hope that through this article, you will be able to visualize a set of documents needed to import goods for the Embassy. Customs declaration of Embassy goods is not as difficult as people often think.


For more details or need customs services, logistics for import and export, please contact The One Logistics at hotline: 0903.288.872 (Mr Thang).


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