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1. Legal basis for importing light bulbs

- Decision No. 51/2011 / QD-TTg dated 12 September 2011 of the Prime Minister and Decision No. 03/2013 / QD-TTg dated 14/01/2013 of the Prime Minister amending and supplementing some Article of Decision No. 51 / QD-TTg

- Circular No. 07/2012 / TT-BCT dated 04/4/2012 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade regulates the labeling of energy for equipment and devices using energy.

- Circular No. 128/2013 / TT-BTC dated 10 September 2013 of the Ministry of Finance providing for customs inspection and supervision; Export tax, import tax and tax administration for imports and exports.

- Circular No. 196/2012 / TT-BTC dated 15/11/2012 of the Ministry of Finance stipulating e-customs procedures for commercial import and export goods

- Circular No. 156/2011 / TT-BTC dated 14/11/2011 of the Ministry of Finance

- Circular No. 156/2011 / TT-BTC dated November 14, 2011 of the Ministry of Finance promulgating the List of Vietnamese Exports and Imports

- Circular No. 162/2011 / TT-BTC dated 17/11/2011 of the Minister of Finance.


2. Conditions of import procedures for light bulbs

- From January 1, 2015, no household appliances are allowed to import and manufacture energy efficiency products below the minimum energy efficiency

- When importing light bulbs, the light bulbs should be labeled with energy as prescribed


3. Procedures for importing light bulbs:


3.1 Labeling of energy 

- Registration form for certification of energy label

- Business registration certificate (copy);

- Import goods declarations;

- Certificate of Trademark Registration;

- Declaration of product and goods quality standards, brief descriptions of basic parameters of means and equipment;

- Test results shall be issued by the testing organization for a definite period of not more than 6 months from the date of issue;

- The dossiers, documents and quality management processes of the enterprise;

- Relevant quality management dossiers and certificates.


3.2 Application for import permit 

- Apply for a license

- A copy of the commercial contract signed between the parties involved.

- Copies of enterprise registration certificates or business registration certificates (for cases of registration) or investment certificates (for foreign-invested enterprises); Identity card or passport for individuals (only submitted at the first export).

3.3 The dossier of import procedures for light bulbs

- Declaration of imported goods

- A commercial invoice in case the buyer pays the seller

- Customs declarants are not required to file commercial invoices in certain cases.

- Bill of lading or other transport documents

- Import permit

- Proof of origin of goods (only in certain cases).


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