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DHL bill track-trace is the tracking of the courier, tracking whether the courier has gone to or returned to Vietnam.

DHL is a very large express carrier with branches in many countries including Vietnam. So the need to send goods, the need to look up the DHL waybill to check your parcel's journey is very large.

In this article, The One Logistics guides to track DHL waybill, track-trace express parcels via DHL in a simple way.

When our family members send goods, send express parcels via DHL, the first thing we want is to determine where the goods are, have they arrived in Vietnam, and when will we receive them.

In particular, DHL is a leading courier company, but due to many reasons, express parcels sent to Vietnam will not be sent directly to Vietnam, but may also have to be forwarded through the airport in China. Korea, so will our goods arrive on time?


Instructions to track the DHL Express Bill:

To be able to track DHL waybill, please go to our homepage, we also support to track many other courier companies such as EMS, FEDEX, UPS.

Step 1: Access the homepage of The One Logistics at  to track the DHL waybill.


Intructions for tracking for DHL bill


Step 2: Right at the homepage, there is a section "TRACK YOUR SHIPMENT" you choose the delivery channel as "DHL" and enter the DHL waybill number below.


Step 3: Perform a tracking of the DHL waybill by clicking "TRACK-TRACE"


Step 4: Read the results showing the handling of DHL parcels such as the time the sender delivers the goods to DHL, the flight time, the time to Vietnam, the customs clearance process in Vietnam.


track-trace DHL bill


The DHL waybill tracking process consists of 4 such steps, but in fact, when we perform a parcel track-trace, it only takes a few simple steps to take less than 1 minute to know the route of our parcel.

The case that our goods have already been sent to Vietnam, but they are detained by the customs and require the recipient to provide import permits, quality inspection, quarantine or specialized papers. is different. So will the customs or courier company support us in the matter of procedures?

The answer is no! And we have to resort to outside services to perform customs clearance tasks to receive goods. For example, items that frequently encounter the above problem such as food, beverages, cosmetics, drugs, functional foods, electronic equipment, medical equipment, etc.

Are personal goods purchased for consumption subject to tax?

The answer is yes unless your item is a low value item, valued at less than 1 million VND. If not, you still have to pay import tax and value added tax to the state according to regulations

Whether your parcel is subject to tax, or whether your parcel has to apply for an import permit or state inspection, after this article you will probably understand it somewhat.

If you have any questions about tracking DHL's bill of lading or need help with customs procedures to pick up goods at DHL or pick up goods at other express carriers at the courier customs office or call us via hotline: 0903.288,872 (Mr Thang) for help


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