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Track-trace EMS parcels is the need of many people when sending express goods. The One Logistics would like to introduce the best courier lookup tool today with many customization options to make looking up parcels faster and simpler.


Currently, there are many large international express delivery companies, which means that the demand for courier tracking to see where their goods are is very large such as EMS parcel tracking, DHL tracking, Fedex parcel track-trace,...

Knowing this need, we have integrated the courier track-trace tool right on our homepage, helping customers to track their courier parcels. In this article, we will introduce the EMS parcel tracking function.


To perform EMS courier code tracking, we follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit The One Logistics homepage at:

Step 2: At the home page interface, in the "TRACK YOUR SHIPMENT" section, we choose "Post/EMS"


Track-trace EMS bill


Step 3: Enter the EMS courier bill then click "TRACK-TRACE"

Step 4: Read the results of the EMS courier bill tracking.


EMS courier code tracking results


At the display of the results, we will receive English information such as: the time the EMS courier receives the goods in the exporting country, when the plane departs, when the express parcel arrives in Vietnam. , import customs clearance process, when the EMS parcel is delivered to the recipient,...


Track-trace code EMS


In addition, you can also go to the website of the EMS courier company to track-trace.


For personal items, imported for consumption, do they need to pay tax?

The answer is yes! When you import goods, you still have to pay import tax and VAT in accordance with the law, unless your goods are of low value (under 1 million VND), which is exempt from tax.


There are cases of sending parcels to Vietnam such as medicines, dietary supplements, shower gel, cosmetics, books, pictures, food, medical supplies, etc. Customs forces the recipients to apply for an import permit. import or require quarantine and quality control. Is this correct?

According to the regulations on importing goods with such conditions, they still need an import license or an inspection exemption certificate from a state agency. But in our experience, it is very difficult and time consuming for people and individuals to receive goods. Usually, the recipient will look to an outside service party to solve this problem more quickly.


If you need information and need help from tracking the EMS courier bill to applying for an import license or doing customs procedures at the EMS express delivery branch, please contact us via hotline: 0903.288.872 (Mr Thang) for support.


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