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The One Logistics provides import and export customs services at international express delivery warehouses such as DHL, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, NASCO, HNC ... Moreover, we are also a distributor of freight, shipping and packaging for firms, commitment to cheaper prices, simpler procedures when retail customers contact directly with the company.


The One Logistics will introduce you to the process of exporting courier to better understand and choose the best corresponding service:


Step 1: Receive goods, classify and package international express delivery goods

Packing goods may sound simple, however, if you are not careful or experienced, it is very likely to fail. Because each type of goods requires each different packaging, bales to ensure that the storage and transportation process is not damaged, ... Especially for glassware, chinaware, porcelain, Electronic machinery, chemicals, or industrial equipment need special preservation.


Packaged international courier goods


A, Packaging goods with glass material, ceramics for international express delivery

This kind of goods is often fragile like flowerpot, cup, bowl, light bulb ... so if not packed carefully, science will be very dangerous. Air bubble paper, high elastic, impact-resistant paper should be used for each product and use carton for external packaging.


If more than one product is placed in the same package, it is necessary to carefully separate each product, covering all corners and then closing the items in a carton and sealing the container to ensure it is in If the transporter is jittery, it will not be damaged.


B, Packaging electronic equipment for international express delivery

Electronic components such as laptops, mobile phones, cameras, televisions, camcorders ... are items of different sizes, easily damaged if there is a strong physical impact or being wet. With these items, The One Logistics recommends the use of cushioning materials are foam pieces made of polyethylene (PE), polyurethane (PU) or Bubble wrapping paper, using cushioned paper around the product, used The main tape tightly tied the paper-wrapped corners then put it into a carton sealed with the mouth.


C, Pack the liquid bottles in international shipping

This is a very sensitive item in packaging and air transport. The bottles must be separated or sealed with elastic materials and shockproof materials such as air bubbles, porous particles, foams ... so as not to move or collide during transport. In addition, it is recommended to insert good absorbent materials such as sawdust in case the inner jar is broken without affecting other products. Then put in wooden crates for storage and transportation is best.


Step 2: Collect goods and send goods at our courier company

After careful packing of goods or receiving goods from customers, we will transport goods focused on express delivery warehouses to collect into similar items, convenient and safe. Full for shipping.

For each schedule, we will prioritize goods on the earliest possible flights to quickly inform customers of the freight schedule.


Step 3: Customs clearance for export of courier goods

When shipping international goods, it is usually necessary to carry out customs procedures for that shipment. When customs clearance forms are issued, we can deliver goods to aircraft to transport them. Customs procedures for ordinary courier customers or interested in commercial and non-commercial goods. Courier companies such as DHL, FEDEX, EMS, TNT ... usually only support customs clearance for regular goods (unconditional exports) or non-commercial goods (ie, donated, presented without commercial elements).


Customs declaration at Hanoi courier office


When sending goods at The One Logistics we will assist you in customs clearance for all types of goods including trade (business) and conditional items such as quarantine, real safety inspection. products, inspection of the Ministry of Health ... Our customs clearance team will help you clear customs declarations quickly to catch the flight as soon as possible.


Step 4: International freight courier

This is a simple period in sending goods abroad by air courier. Currently, it is not difficult to transport goods by plane, even through transit airports. The level of aviation safety is highest in all modes of transportation.


Step 5: Deliver goods to recipients in foreign countries

When landing goods to the importing country, customs procedures need to be carried out in the host country. Customers can inform their relatives to go through customs procedures and then ship them back or The One Logistics can carry out import customs procedures and express delivery to the recipients at the given address.


The One Logistics provides the fastest, most optimal international freight solution with the most reasonable cost. When delivering goods to us, you can be assured of safety, quickly and quickly send and receive goods by careful packing, customs clearance at the express courier department.


Please contact The One Logistics right through the hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) when there are international express delivery goods.


The One Logistics - Bring trust to every customer



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