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Today, global commercialization is growing, the demand for international freight is growing, leading to the development of related transport and service sectors. International freight transportation today is mainly sea and air freight. The One Logistics currently offers both types of international shipping. We have international shipping rates very cheap, especially air freight. Always committed to satisfying even the most demanding customers.



If you are interested in international shipping, you need to keep in mind some of the following factors:

- Time of international cargo transportation: This is a very important factor for urgent shipments, perishable goods. Especially when transporting goods by plane, you need to pay attention to that flight to fly straight or forward. If the flight is transferred, what airport is the airport to stop, how long it will take to connect? The time of international cargo transportation is also an important part because for imported goods, customs dossiers must be prepared for customs clearance.

- International shipping charges: Basically, international sea freight rates are now quite cheap. But when you ship goods by plane, the cost will go up very high and the cost problem will be more complicated. Usually when flying straight, the cost of transporting goods by plane will be higher than that of flight forwarding. So you need to consider the cost and time of flight.

- Preserving international shipping goods: Shipments with specific characteristics of preservation such as frozen goods, water, fragile goods ... should be clearly stated in the contract with the carrier to ensure they will handle Shipment in accordance with conditions for preservation.

- Safety when transporting goods: Mainly at packing stage, goods preservation will decide whether the goods are safe to the destination. So you should pay attention to the packaging process before boarding the ship.


In order to be able to place international freight, you need to provide information such as: name of goods, volume, packaging, place of departure, destination, storage conditions. After having information, we will put up the most suitable transportation plan, the most competitive price possible.

We are also willing to provide accompanying services such as customs clearance in Vietnam or services related to goods in foreign countries.


Please come to The One Logistics to ensure your goods are shipped safely, fastest with the most reasonable cost. Our working criteria are: "Bring trust to every customer" but to help customers have confidence we need to work professionally, quickly and offer the most competitive shipping prices.

Please contact us via the hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) to receive advice and best quotation.


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