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The One Logistics is a leading logistics company providing international freight, customs clearance, import / export permits and C / O certificates. So what is C / O? What is the effect of C / O? Who is competent to issue C / O? There are several types of CO ... Consult the article that The One Logistics presented below:


1. The concept of C/O

Certificate of original - C / O is a certificate of origin originating from a country (exporter) issued to certify that the goods are produced and distributed on the export market by Rules of origin, to facilitate goods when imported into another country (importing country) in terms of tariffs.

2. Who can issue C/O

C / O issued by the producer is an informal form and does not enjoy the preferential regimes of the importing countries.
In Vietnam, two agencies are competent to issue C / O:

* / Ministry of Industry and Trade, Export-Import Department appointed by this Ministry: C / O FORM A, D, C / O issued by the agreement of the government.

* / Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry - VCCI: VIETNAM CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND INDUSTRY granted the remaining FORM or the Ministry of Industry and Commerce authorized to issue C / O.


3. Types of C/O


Template of Certificate Origin


- C/O form A: goods exported to countries for Vietnam enjoy GSP universal tariff preferences

- C/O form D: goods exported to ASEAN countries eligible for tariff preferences under CEPT agreements

- C/O form E: goods exported to China or vice versa and ASEAN countries subject to preferential tariff under the ASEAN - China (ASEAN + 1)

- C/O form S: goods exported to Laos are subject to preferential tariff under the Vietnam - Laos Agreement

- C/O form AK: goods exported to Korea or vice versa and ASEAN countries subject to preferential tariff under ASEAN-ROK (ASEAN + 2)

- C/O form AJ: goods exported to Japan or vice versa and ASEAN countries subject to preferential tariff under the ASEAN-Japan (ASEAN + 3)

- C/O forms of GSTP: goods exported to countries participating in the global trade preferences system (GSTP) for Vietnam to enjoy GSTP

- C/O form B: goods exported to all countries, granted according to non-preferential rules of origin

- C/O form ICO: granted to coffee products grown and harvested in Vietnam for export to all countries according to the regulations of the International Coffee Organization (IC / O)

- C/O form Textile (abbreviated as form T): granted to textiles and garments exported to the EU under the Vietnam-EU textile and garment agreement.

- C/O form Mexico (commonly known as anexo III): supplying textiles, footwear for export to MexiC / O in accordance with MexiC / O regulations.

- C/O form Venezuela: granted for export to Venezuela in accordance with Venezuela

- C/O form Peru: supplying shoes for export to Peru according to Peru's regulations


Template of C/O


4. Steps for applying for C/O


* / Steps taken before applying for C/O

- Step 1: Check if the product is purely originated in accordance with the applicable regulations. If not, go to step 2;
- Step 2: Determine exactly the HS code of the exported product (4 or 6 digits H. The first is the basis for determining the origin of goods as prescribed);
- Step 3: Identify the country of importation of the goods to which the FTA has a presence with Vietnam / ASEAN and / or to enjoy GSP tariff preferences. If so, go to step 4;
- Step 4: Check whether the exported product is on the list of simple (incomplete) processing steps or not according to the appropriate regulations. If available, the product will not have origin as prescribed. If not, move on to step 5.
- Step 5: Compare the tax rates to select the C / O form (if any) to apply for, in order to ensure that the export goods enjoy the lowest import tax incentives;
- Step 6: Check if the product meets the applicable origin rule.
VD: EU - Annex 13, Turkey - Annex II, Japan - Annex 5, ...

* / C / O issuance procedures


- Step 1: Register the trader profile

a / When applying for a C / O for the first time to the C / O issuer, the C / O applicant must submit the following papers:
- Registration of the specimen signature of the person authorized to sign the C / O application and the seal of the trader (Appendix I);
- Trader's business registration certificate (copy with original copy);
- Certificate of tax code registration (copy with original copy);
- The list of production establishments of traders (Appendix II - if any).
b) Any change in the trader dossier must be promptly notified to the C / O issuer where the C / O issuer is contacted. Trader dossiers must be updated every two (2) years;
c / Traders applying for C / O shall only be considered for settlement of C / O issuance at registered places of trader dossiers;
d / Cases having been applied for C / O but not yet registered, trader dossiers must be made within three (3) months from the effective date of this Circular.

- Step 2: Receiving and checking dossiers.

The officer will check and inform the trader in one of the following cases:
- Accept C / O and time traders will be granted.
- Request for supplementary documents (specify the type of documents missing).
- Please check the documents (specify information to be checked).
- Refusal to grant C / O in cases prescribed by law.

- Step 3: Return Certificate of Origin (C / O).

* / Dossiers of application for C / O

a / A dossier of application for C / O comprises:
- The application for C / O has been fully and validly filed;
- The completed form of C / O consists of one (01) original and three (03) copies. The original and a copy will be sent by the exporter to the importer for submission to the customs office at the port or place of importation. The second copy will be kept by the C / O issuer. The remaining copy will be kept by the exporter. In cases where, due to the request of the importing country, the C / O applicant may request more than three (3) copies of the C / O issued by the C / O issuer;
- The customs declaration for export, which has gone through customs procedures (the copy with the signature of the competent person and the "true copy" stamp), except for cases where the exported goods are not required to declare the export customs declaration. as prescribed by law. In cases where there are plausible reasons, C / O applicants may file after this voucher but not exceeding thirty (30) days from the date of issuance of C / O;
b / If deeming it necessary, C / O-granting organizations may request C / O applicants to supply additional vouchers related to export products, such as customs declarations for import of raw materials and auxiliary materials The export license; sale contract; Value added invoices for purchase and sale of domestic raw materials and auxiliary materials; raw materials, auxiliary materials or products for export; bill of lading; airfreight bills and other documents to prove the origin of exported products;
c) For enterprises participating in eCOSys, all documents will be electronically and automatically sent to C / O issuers. C / O issuers shall base themselves on online dossiers to check the validity of information and grant C / O to traders upon receipt of full dossiers in paper.

* / C / O issuance deadline

- The time limit for issuance of a C / O shall not exceed three (03) working days from the time the C / O applicant submits a complete and valid dossier;
- In case of necessity, the C / O issuer may also conduct the inspection at the production place if it finds that the inspection on the dossier sets is not enough grounds for C / O issuance or signs are detected. Violate the law on previously issued C / O. The results of this test must be recorded. The minutes must be signed by the inspectors, C / O applicants and / or exporters. In cases where C / O applicants and / or exporters fail to sign the records, the inspectors shall sign for certification after clearly stating the reasons therefor. The time limit for issuance of a C / O for this case shall not exceed five working days from the date the applicant submits a complete dossier set;
- In all cases, the verification period must not impede the delivery or payment by the exporter
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