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Reliable shipping service of The One Logistics has many years of operation and is one of our strengths. We are  currently the agent for many shipping companies and international shipping agents. With its extensive dealer network and strong relationships with shipping lines, The One Logistics is ready to provide the most flexible shipping solutions to our customers. Our team of highly qualified and experienced specialists will advise our clients on efficient shipping solutions with the shortest shipping time and the most reasonable cost ... The goods transported to Japan is a Farther away than domestic courier services. Therefore, the process is also more strict. However, we always try to serve customers best.


1, The characteristics of the Japanese nation

  • + Japan is a world leader in science and technology. Considered to be an economic powerhouse, Japan is the third largest economy by gross domestic product as well as third by purchasing power parity only after the United States and the People's Republic of China flower
  •  + The Japan-Vietnam relationship is an extraterrestrial relationship and involves bilateral visits and substantial flows of capital and flows between Japan and Vietnam.
  •  + Moving to Japan is convenient and easy as Japan is quite close to Vietnam.
  •  + Japan has a professional freight system.


Transporting goods to Japan


2. The One Logistics Vietnam Shipping Services to Japan

The One Logistics provides export services from Vietnam to Japan with competitive prices and suitable shipping schedules, especially to major ports and domestic ports of Japan. clothing, interior decoration, plastic, hanger, fabric, frozen seafood ... and especially dangerous goods.

  • + Provide customers with export and import services by sea from Vietnam to the service of shipping to Japan (FCL container and LCL cargo)

  • + The quality of shipping service to Japan is guaranteed by direct routes through a long established and reputable dealer network.

  • + Competitive price and fastest delivery time, always associated with carrier liability insurance.

  • + Providing import service from all over the world to Vietnam

  • + Container Goods Service (FCL / FCL) at competitive prices.

  • + Door to door services

  • + In addition to the transportation service to Japan, The One also provides transportation services to countries in Asia (China, Korea, ...) as well as Europe, ...


Please contact The One Logistics immediately via hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) to be instructed to send the goods and receive the most favorable quotes.

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