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The One Logistics is experienced in Logistics, extensive dealer network and good relationships with Customs Departments. We have the logistics services to help customers in the fastest, easiest, most effective, most cost effective way.

The One Logistics is proud of being highly appreciated in the Logistics Associations we participate in. Moreover, according to our survey, 99% of our customers are very satisfied with the service we provide. Our services are diverse, rich to meet the individual requirements of each customer. Specifically:


1. Customs declaration

Customs clearance is one of the most important steps in the import / export chain. This is the stage where the importers or exporters are particularly interested because of their high complexity, high expertise, unexpected or unreasonable costs.

In order to solve this problem, The One Logistics set up a large team to consult all procedures for customers, together with the best electronic customs declaration and declaration, attach the documents to the system. Information System V5. When submitting the import and export dossiers to the customs office, we do not have to spend much time and costs to get goods cleared for customs clearance. We believe that customs clearance is our greatest strength, with fewer units in the market doing better.




2. Air transport, Sea transport quickly, cheap

The cost of international transport, including air transport or sea transport, is very high in the entire import and export cycle. In business cost savings for the business is vital. Understanding this The One Logistics we are very enthusiastic to build the system of freight agents, working directly with the General Shipping Agents (GSA) of most shipping lines for the best price. brought to the customer.

The key to good book rates is to know the route (line) you want to go, which carrier, which agent is specialized, how long the train schedule is running. Just like what you want to study well, you have to find a professional to ask, to learn. Another thing to keep in mind is that whenever customers call or email directly to a shipping company or GSA with the expectation of a good international shipping price, in fact, they do not want to sell to retailers, so they usually scream in the air. .


3. Carriage of goods by road

Im-Exporters often do not appreciate the importance of domestic road transportation. But it is necessary to choose reputable, safe and competitive service providers to avoid damage to goods. We manage the fleet of systems, professional to keep your goods on schedule, ensure the safety and quantity of goods.


4. Services for import / export permits

There are many items under the management of the Ministry of state management requires exporters must apply for permits when import or export goods such as animals, chemicals, minerals, food. For each item we need to look under the management of any state agencies, ask for permits, what documents need, procedures for obtaining permits. This is a very difficult job because not everyone is knowledgeable about the law and the Internet is old, inaccurate ...

To solve this problem, we are always ready to advise exempt Application fee for any item. Do not hesitate to pick up the phone call us through hotline 090.328.8872 to be able to answer all your questions.


5. Warehouse and bonded warehouse services

At the moment, The One Logistics is working with many other companies in the industry to combine logistics services with broad network and superior capabilities. Modern, state-of-the-art warehouses with state-of-the-art fire and security systems and new technical features. We can help customers increase efficiency and flexibility in the supply chain.


6. Customs services for bonded warehouses, transit goods and goods temporarily imported for re-export.

Customs clearance for these types of imports and exports always need specialized units, reputable, good relations with customs can do well this job. This is the kind of day to be interested. more by their flexibility and benefit. The One Logistics declare the goods sent to the bonded warehouse to put into export processing zones or export to third countries, goods temporarily imported for re-export regularly, professionally and quickly.


7. Door to Door Delivery Service

This is the way many pharmaceutical companies choose by the convenience that this service brings. When providing Door to Door, you only need to provide the sender, recipient, name, quantity and value of the goods. We will go to the required address for transportation, customs clearance and shipping to the recipient. Very simple and convenient right?


8. Overseas Logistics Services

With a wide network of agents, The One Logistics can on behalf of you to carry out customs procedures, receiving and shipping goods in any country. Expected import tax, port charges, freight forwarding goods abroad quickly. This will be a very powerful tool for exporters to balance the cost, purchase price, negotiate terms of delivery in the Incoterms.


The One Logistics is committed to providing the best service to our customers!

Contact hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) for free consultation


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