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The One Logistics would like to send you samples of other commonly used import and export documents to serve your start up companies or exporters.


A contract is a commitment between two or more parties to do or not do something within the law. A contract is usually associated with a project in which one party agrees with other parties to implement the project or part of the project. And like a project, there are social-political projects and business projects, contracts can be economic agreements (economic contracts) or social contracts.




A contract for the carriage of goods is an agreement between the parties, whereby one party (the carrier) is obliged to transport the goods to the agreed place and deliver the goods to the right holder; and the other party (transport lessor) is obliged to pay freight and other surcharges to the carrier.


A customs agent contract is an agreement on the terms, rights and obligations of the parties for customs clearance in import and export.


Warehouse and warehouse lease agreements are an important economic contract, especially for manufacturing companies. This is a written agreement between the parties stipulating the rights, obligations, duration of rent, rent, ...



Contracts for container transportation

Agent Agreement Customs

Warehouse and workshop leasing contracts


Minutes of invoice adjustment

Invoice revocation (cancellation)

Authorization for Payment (English)


An invoice is a piece of paper demanding the payment of items in the quantity and unit price listed in the document. Invoice issued by the seller. After the buyer pays, the seller will confirm on the invoice such as the stamp of payment. The invoice has the same effect as a receipt or receipt. In many cases we still need to adjust or revoke the issued invoice.

An electronic bill is a set of data messages on the sale of goods or provision of services created, sent, received, archived and managed by electronic means.

Electronic invoices are created, processed and processed on computer systems of organizations which have been granted tax identification numbers when selling goods or services and stored on their computers according to the provisions of law on electronic transactions.

There have been many drafts of the law or a pilot for the future that will turn all paper invoices into electronic invoices for easy government management.


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