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The One Logistics would like to send you all the concepts, information and facts you need to know about a common document in import / export is packing list or packing list.

What is a packing list?


Packing list or packing list, the goods list is an indispensable document in the export documents. Simply put, the packing list shows what the seller sells to the buyer, so that the buyer can check and reconcile whether the order is correct or not.


What is a packing list


When looking at packagings we can understand:

+ In the container is the quantity, the weight of goods is how much?

+ How many pallets, number of pallets? How many small bales are packed in large boxes?

Will we unload it by hand or by forklift?

+ How long is the discharge time from which it is possible to calculate the number of goods that can be unloaded in a day. This is important for the buyer in arranging manpower in and preparing the warehouse.


Find which product is in which package ?, which box ?, which pallet? If the product is defective we can complain to the manufacturer, and with information on them can trace the production, the machine, the person responsible and the error check for us.

   Packing list template

Packing list template


The main content in Packing list


- Top Title: Company Information (logo, name, address, tel, fax, ..)

- Seller: Sales company information (logo, name, address, tel, fax, ..)

- Number and date of mailing list

- Buyer: Company information (logo, name, address, tel, fax, ..)

- Ref no: Reference number, this can be an order number or a note on the Notify party. (Notice when goods arrive, usually the new L / C payment required to write more Notify this information. .

- Port of loading: Port of loading

- Port of destination: Port of destination

- Vessel name: Ship name, transfer number

- ETD (Esstimated Time Delivery) - Expected date of departure

- Product: Description of goods, goods names, codes, HS codes.

- Quanlity: Quantity in units below

- NWT (Net Weight): Net Weight - Calculates the weight of the goods

- GWT (Gross Weight): Gross weight - Include the weight of the lanyard, box, outer box, etc. In fact, we do not need too much GWT, just match and not exceed. the weight that the liner allows to be placed in a container

- Remark: More notes

- Confirmation of the seller: Sign the seal


Also, with a variety of complicated packing or a large container shipment, we also have to provide a detailed packing list. This is a more detailed list of parking list attached. Packing list is used for customs declaration and general quantity check. Detailed packing list is used to check the actual quantity of goods when unloading and entering the warehouse.

Detailed packing list sampleDetailed packing list sample


In the Detailed packing list, the number of cont / seal and the number of goods in each package, each pallet, the type of goods in the specific package and the number of the sign.

In addition, in many cases of retail or bulk goods, the types and specifications of simple packaging, the seller can combine Commercial Invoice and Packing list as one example:

combine Commercial Invoice and Packing lis

Thus, through packing list (Detailed packing list) we can understand the type, quantity, packaging specifications, from which to calculate dowxhangf time, how to arrange, storage place. Packing lists are usually sent to the buyer immediately after packing so the buyer can check the quantity delivered and plan production and business in time. In many cases, it is possible to combine both invoice and packing list in a form to easily track and check for buyers.


To understand more about packing list or need to export goods please contact us through hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang). It's pleasure to serve you.


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