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Printing customs barcodes or printing barcodes on customs declarations is a regular job of the field delivery and forwarders for import and export goods at the port.

There are many ways to print customs barcodes such as:

- Print the declaration barcode on the ECUS electronic customs software of Thai Son, but it will need the electronic digital signature of the business.

- Print the declaration barcode on the customs working software, that is, ask the customs to receive the declaration, monitor the customs or the customs control the goods to print it. This requires you to work on the scene for a while, have an acquaintance, and save yourself having to run back and forth to print.

- Print the customs barcode directly on the website of the General Department of Vietnam Customs.


In this article, we only introduce to you the 3rd method, which is the simplest way. You only need a computer connected to the network to be able to print without a digital signature.

It's online customs barcode printing.

The printing of this customs barcode has been carried out since 2014 until now according to Official Letter 8155/TCHQ-VNACCS, the system has updated the declaration of the container list for the VNACCS declaration and printed the customs barcode for the list of cargo containers. goods for certification through the supervision area at the border port Customs. This saves Supervisors from having to manually enter container list information into the system. To print the customs declaration barcode, we go directly to the website or visit the homepage of the General Department of Customs and then select "Print manifest bar code containing goods" will appear the interface as shown below.


Print customs barcodes online


When entering the main interface, we enter the required information such as: Business code, declaration number, customs code, declaration date, then click "get information" to print the customs barcode.


Enter data to print customs barcodes


In the above data, only the customs code data is not on the customs declaration, but instead is  Name of the customs office receiving the declaration. So how can you know the customs code or the customs office code that receives the declaration. You can look up the code of the customs branch here

After getting the information, the customs bar code appears. You can click on the "page to print" to print the customs barcode. Select the printer, the number of prints, and the paper to print.


Bar code printing of customs declarations


Thus, we have guided you to print customs barcodes in the simplest, fastest and most convenient way.

If you need advice on customs procedures or need to provide customs services at ports and border gates, please contact us via hotline: 0973.266.672 (Mr Thang) for support and quotation.


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