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The One Logistics will introduce the overview to let you know the process of exporting batteries. These are the most common dangerous goods that are usually transported via air.


Batteries and accumulators are divided into many types and often have to use different UN bins and different UN code labels depending on different types of batteries and batteries.

Initially, if you get from the factory, they just pack it simply and ship to the airport. These are typical packaging of a domestic business.


Packaging batteries and batteries, dangerous goods when air transport


When receiving the goods in such packing state. The One Logistics will repackage goods according to IATA standards (International Air Transport Association), label dangerous goods classification, label warnings during exploitation for shipping lines to know.


Close UN standards for dangerous goods


After packing, The One Logistics will declare the DGD dangerous cargo declaration for the shipment to be exported.

Note: The type of dangerous goods requires both a regular export declaration and a DGD declaration to qualify for export. This item will be handled in a special way, unlike other normal goods.


After that, we will get the shipping slip, along with 2 declarations of the shipment to measure DIM, weigh the goods and liquidate the export declaration for flying goods.


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