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Agricultural products are the main products of Vietnam and are always in the top export value of our country. Agricultural products are increasingly focused on export such as rice, fruits, vegetables, fresh coconuts, jackfruit, durian, dragon fruit...


So how to export agricultural products. What is the process of exporting agricultural products? How to export agricultural products. What standards should be met for the quality of agricultural products for export?

Each type of agricultural product for export will depend on the requirements of foreign buyers and import markets to determine the quality of exported agricultural products. And all of this will be introduced in detail by The One Logistics in the following article:


The process of exporting agricultural products such as fresh coconut, dragon fruit, jackfruit, frozen durian and other vegetables:

  1. Are agricultural products allowed to be exported to the importing country? But documents need to be prepared when exporting agricultural products.

  2. Sign a contract to buy and sell agricultural products with foreign countries.

  3. Collecting, processing, cleaning and packing agricultural products.

  4. Make a reservation on the ship to be able to transport internationally by sea or by air.

  5. Carry out procedures for exporting agricultural products: Customs procedures, quarantine procedures, procedures for applying for certificates of origin for exported agricultural products.

  6. Send documents made in Vietnam to the importer for the partner to carry out import procedures.


Procedures for exporting fresh coconuts - Exporting agricultural products


Procedures for exporting agricultural products such as fresh coconut, dragon fruit, jackfruit, frozen durian and other vegetables:


Customs procedures for exporting agricultural products:

Basically, customs procedures for exporting agricultural products, fresh vegetables, fresh and frozen fruits are quite simple and often go to the green channel, the system automatically clears customs.

You need to prepare a digital signature and the following documents to attach to the V5 system of the General Department of Customs:

  • Referral
  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Booking confirmation on board

You also note that, even with the green channel declaration, we still need to attach the above documents to the system to serve the post-clearance inspection later (if any) and remember to pay the customs declaration fee of 20,000 VND to avoid overdue.


Procedures for quarantine for export of agricultural products:

All agricultural products for export are required to undergo phytosanitary inspection, and apply for a Phytosanitary - a phytosanitary certificate for agricultural products before exporting. This is to control the quality of agricultural products when exporting and to serve import procedures for buyers. You should consider the following considerations:

  • Select agricultural products for export from clean material areas certified by VietGap, GlobalGap.
  • Re-check the quality of agricultural products: the content of pesticides and pesticides.
  • Agricultural products for export should be irradiated or not, should they be fumigated or treated with heat.
  • Checking for some diseases on agricultural products such as copper metal on vegetable leaves, natural enemies, bugs on vegetables, seaweed leaves, banana leaves...
  • Especially need to clean the soil and roots for underground tubers or fresh sugar cane.
  • Note about storage temperature, harvest time of agricultural products.
  • Packing time, packing specifications, need to vacuum, do you need to put in plastic bags or mesh bags?
  • For agricultural products, it is advisable to leave a vent hole in the carton, and make a 5-layer carton with a waterproof nylon membrane


Procedures for quarantine of agricultural products for export - Fresh coconut


Note: Before exporting, you can also search for the quality standards of exported agricultural products for your goods or you can contact us for more detailed advice via hotline: 0903.288.872 (Mr Thang) )

For the quarantine of agricultural products, you can register and get the Phytosanitary certificate after 1 day. You also need to note that the time to take the empty container and bring the goods to the port for quarantine at the container or to apply for quarantine according to the pre-prepared sample is the simplest and fastest for such shipments.

Plant quarantine, quarantine of agricultural products is a very important step to carry out export procedures for agricultural products. If you have problems at this stage, you should be flexible based on the long-term experience of the direct workers to make the job easier profit.


Procedures for applying for a Certificate of Origin

When making the C/O certificate of origin for the first time, you need to register a trader profile, we can support you to register for free so that you can apply for certification of future shipments.

Documents to be prepared for registration of a trader profile such as business registration, trader signature sample, information, email, phone number of the person who has the right to sign the profile.


List of agricultural products for export - Fresh coconut


It is not too complicated to apply for C/O of agricultural products. The documents you need to provide when applying for a C/O certificate of origin are as follows:

  • Customs clearance customs declaration
  • Bill of lading.
  • Purchase invoice or farmer's purchase statement.
  • Invoice
  • Packing list
  • Production process (For items that need relatively complicated processing to create finished products)
  • Norm of raw materials (For items that need relatively complex processing to create finished products)

The issuance of C/O can now be done online, giving online results for some C/O forms according to the provisions of the respective FTAs, but there are C/O forms that are still issued in paper copies as before.


Certificate of origin for agricultural products for export - Fresh coconut


The One Logistics commits to exporting agricultural products with the following issues:

  • Always ready to advise any problems and answer questions 24/24.
  • Save time on procedures for customers to the maximum help goods clear customs quickly, export procedures, quarantine procedures, C/O certification procedures are completed as soon as the ship runs.
  • Consulting on the right issues such as how to choose the raw material area, introduce suppliers, consuming agents, processing methods, packaging of goods, storage temperature, setting the ventilation of the container.
  • Absolute confidentiality of goods information, purchase and sale prices helps customers feel secure in transactions.
  • Prestigious and professional service quality thanks to a staff of many years of experience in international transportation, goods handling and export procedures for agricultural products.
  • Optimal cost savings based on rich experience and available service supply chain to help minimize costs and avoid additional costs

For detailed support and answers to questions as well as service quotes, please call our hotline number 0903.288.872 to meet Mr. Thang - who has over ten years of experience in transporting and exporting agricultural products.


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