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Export of agricultural products to Korea, Japan, China... is increasingly focused. How to export agricultural products such as fresh coconut, fresh sugarcane, green vegetables, durian, jackfruit, frozen longan.

In order to export agricultural products to foreign countries, at least you need to go through customs procedures and quarantine procedures to ensure that the exported goods are quality goods and do not contain harmful substances or pests. dangerous disease. In addition, when exporting, you often have to do C/O to help foreign importers enjoy tax incentives.


Procedures for exporting agricultural products to foreign countries such as Korea, Japan... include:

- Customs procedures for exporting agricultural products.

- Quarantine procedures, granting Phytosanitary for export agricultural products.

- Procedures for issuance of certificates of origin - Apply for C/O.


Procedures for exporting agricultural products - Exporting frozen durian

Here, we would like to guide in detail the procedures for exporting agricultural products:

  1. Customs procedures for exporting agricultural products to foreign countries:

For customs procedures, export agricultural products need to provide the same procedures as other goods such as:

- Customs declaration.

- Referral.

- Commercial Invoice - Invoice.

- Booking confirmation - Booking.

Currently, documents such as referrals, commercial invoices and booking confirmations only need to be attached to a scanned copy of the customs' V5 system without the need for the original. In addition, export customs declarations often go to the green channel to automatically clear customs, which is a great convenience for businesses. However, businesses note that the green stream declaration still needs to attach V5 on the system.

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II. Procedures for plant quarantine, issuance of Phytosanitary certificates to send abroad to serve the import of agricultural products abroad:

For most agricultural products such as longan, chili, durian, mango, coconut, or other vegetables, the quarantine procedure is the most difficult procedure in the export procedures for agricultural products. Because, for each different commodity, when exporting, there are different requirements for handling, classification, preliminary processing and preservation. And for each different export market, there are also different ways of processing, handling, packaging, preserving and quality.

Therefore, when we choose the area of ​​​​materials, processing, and cleaning, we also need to understand about that type of agricultural product. When we do the quarantine procedures, we need to remind the goods owner and the processing party to note the quarantine to be convenient. When we provide international shipping services, we also need to understand to advise on the storage temperature, how to pack, how to arrange the goods in a scientific way and preserve the best agricultural products.


Procedures for quarantine of agricultural products for export


The One Logistics is the most prestigious provider of export procedures and international transportation of agricultural products in Vietnam today. We have many years of experience in the field of exporting agricultural products, enthusiastic people support 24/24 when the shipment needs support.

For example, when exporting sugarcane, it is necessary to clean, cut, remove the roots, remove the eyes at the burning of sugarcane to achieve the quality of quarantine and bring it abroad and it is better to pack 10-15kg boxes, with Vacuum sealed and stored at a positive temperature of 5 degrees Celsius.

For seaweed and banana leaves, they need to be cleaned by soaking in dilute salt water or dilute acid. 15- Then wipe with a towel little by little, remember to clean the grooves of the leaves because there are a lot of bugs in this groove. , spider mites, or tiny spider eggs, cling tightly and are difficult to clean.

Or for durian goods, you should pay attention to the material areas that do not spray anti-stem rot (especially at the end of the crop). Frozen durian should be incubated with medicine and then frozen, so pay attention to the right amount of medicine to avoid leaving a residue of ripening medicine, or if the amount of medicine is not enough or not enough time to cause durian. not ripening evenly, durian is awkward, brix sweetness is not reached, thorny, cracked ass...

For fresh coconut products in Ben Tre, diamond coconuts also need to be bleached by soaking the coconuts after peeling with alum or dilute acid, the new, white, and beautiful coconuts will help them sell for a better price.


Quarantine and Phytosanitary procedures for export agricultural products are usually issued the same day for air cargo or the next day for sea freight. The experience of doing quarantine for agricultural products is extremely important and useful to avoid unnecessary errors that lead to the shipment being ineligible for export.


III. Procedures for applying for a C/O certificate of origin for exported agricultural products:

To apply for a C/O for agricultural products is not as complicated as those manufactured or assembled in factories and enterprises, without the need to provide norms of raw materials or production processes.

Instead, we only need to provide the cleared customs declaration, commercial invoice, air waybill or sea waybill and purchase statement or input invoice to purchase goods. do C/O.

Usually with each C/o we can pay and get it within the day to help facilitate import and export procedures.


Procedures for applying for a certificate of origin for agricultural products for export


Note that for businesses applying for C/O for the first time, they must make a trader profile and need to be approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade or VCCI before we can apply for that certificate of origin.

Enterprises need to be proactive in registering trader profiles before exporting goods.

In some cases, the source of raw materials is not common or periodically grown, the Ministry of Industry and Trade may contact the People's Committee of the commune or ward where the purchase list is provided to verify information.


To be able to carry out the procedures for exporting agricultural products quickly, accurately and with little risk, you can contact us via hotline: 0903.288.872 (Mr Thang) for free service and advice, sharing experiences and ways of processing and packaging agricultural products to make export procedures for agricultural products more convenient.


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