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Are you in need of exporting a shipment of clothes to foreign countries in the form of export processing or business? You do not know how to export clothes abroad? Are you looking for a reputable logistics company providing customs services? Are you in need of international shipping via air, sea shipping at a good price?


For customs procedures for exporting clothes to foreign countries:

Clothing is a normal export item, with no special conditions or standards required. Therefore, customs procedures for exporting clothes are also simple and uncomplicated. Normally, factories often open customs declarations right at the factory management branch to facilitate the calculation of product norms and arrangement of their jobs. Most of these declarations are automatically cleared through green channels, so it is quite convenient for exporters.

Some enterprises export for business purposes, they can also open declarations at the export border gate. Note that when declaring customs for clothing, the description of the goods on the declaration should declare the name of the goods, the type of the goods, the size, the brand, the color if any, and the manufacturer, the goods are 100% new.


Export procedures and making certificates of origin for exported clothes


When exporting clothes, the most common problem is lowering goods, weighing goods, liquidating declarations at the airport. Usually, the warehouse is not crowded, often overloaded, which leads to the case that the port service company (warehouse) does not allow the truck to enter or the vehicle has already entered the unloading place but does not have enough human resources, leading to parking fees, waiting time fees or delays in loading the goods onto the plane. Or for some factory-specific goods, the carton size is almost the same and has many different sizes, which makes it difficult to measure DIM (measure the size of goods). Freight / FWD agents or customs brokers also need to label each export package.

For marine cargo, it's very simple, just clamp the lead, lower the container, and enter the ship's book. Making goods by sea, you do not have to count from the bales, do not have to measure the DIM (Dimension - size) of the goods, but just need to give the customs clearance declaration.


Customs dossiers for exported clothing goods include:

  • Referral.
  • Commercial Invoice - Commercial Invoice.
  • Booking confirmation - Booking confirm.
  • Customs declaration.


Issuing Certificate of Origin - Making C/O for exporting clothes

With clothing - finished products in the garment industry, the production process and raw material norms are available. Therefore, it is not difficult to apply for a preferential certificate of origin for exported clothing. Moreover, this item of clothing is also an item that is encouraged by the state to export and is a major export item of our country.


Procedures for applying for a certificate of origin - making C/O for exported clothing include:

  • Application for issuance of C/O according to the form.
  • Commercial invoice.
  • Customs clearance declaration.
  • Production process.
  • Material norms.
  • Import declaration of input materials or invoices for purchase of input materials.


Procedures for exporting clothes - International shipping by sea, by air


International shipping - Sea shipping - Air freight for export clothing:

Clothing exports to foreign countries are mainly transported by sea because the cost is much cheaper than by air. Shipping retail, bulk, full container goods by sea for garments is very popular. The main routes are often exported to such as the US, Europe, Japan, Korea, ... These are markets that often import or hire Vietnam to process garments and clothing.

International air freight has the advantage of being fast, not affected much by weather, seaport congestion... Currently, the volume of garments and clothing exported by air is also very large. . Several hundred tons, thousands of blocks per day. The main markets are the US, Canada, Europe and some Asian routes. Garment, clothing exports shipped by air are still a good choice for specific orders such as urgent need, goods specified from abroad.


We can do full service export of clothing, apparel... under the terms FOB, C&F, DAP, DDU, DDP. Please contact us immediately via Hotline 0903288872 (Mr Thang) for advice and service quote.


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