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At present, the construction market and real estate market are "bustling", many projects are put into construction and offer. This has led to the demand for construction materials as well as related furniture items, including decorative lamps. However, in order to import a decorative light lot into the Vietnamese territory, the owner of the goods should carry out procedures in addition to the usual delivery procedures.


process and import of decorative lights


The One logistics would like to send you the process, import procedures of decorative lights in the house are very popular now.

In order to import decorative lamp lots, the goods owners shall have to pay attention to the following procedures for import of decorative lamps:

1. Documents related to the import of decorative lights:

- Decision No. 04/2017 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister on the labeling of energy
- Decision No. 51/2011 / QD-Ttg dated 12/09/2011 to label energy
- Circular 07/2012 / TT-BCT dated 04/4/2012 on energy labeling
- Circular 157/2011 / TT-BTC. Import and export tax
- Decision 04/2017 / QD-TTg regulates the list of vehicles and equipment that must be labeled with energy, minimum energy efficiency and roadmap.

Lamps used today:

- LED light
- Huynh Quang Light
- Halogen bulbs
- Incandescent bulbs


Of the four lights listed above:

Huynh Quang lamps (including straight tube fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamps, electromagnetic ballasts and electrons for fluorescent lamps): These are required to be labeled with energy and applied in accordance with the applicable energy regulations. the minimum amount prescribed by the State in accordance with Circular 07/2012 / TT-BCT issued on 04/4/2012.
Incandescent lamps: List of prohibited imports
For halogen lamps or led lights: Currently no energy labeling and minimum energy efficiency levels are required. The compulsory labeling of energy from January 1, 2020 under Decision No. 04/2017 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister issued from March 9, 2017.

2. HS code of the light bulb:

+ Fluorescent lamps of heading 70.11.
+ LED lamps: of heading 94.05
+ Metal halide lamps of heading 85.39

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4. Specific provisions relating to energy labeling and the application of minimum energy efficiency levels (for fluorescent lamps only):

+ TCVN 7896: 2008: compact fluorescent lamps
+ TCVN 8249: 2009: Tubular fluorescent lamps
+ TCVN 7897: 2008: Electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps

4. Procedures for labeling energy (specifically for fluorescent lamps):


Implementation process:

Step 1: Test the sample
Step 2: Make a profile
Step 3: Evaluate the certification
Step 4: Certification
Step 5: Use the energy label




Required documents include: 01 original and 05 copies of the same copy sent to the General Department of Energy Address: 54 Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi.

Required documents:

+ Company introduction
+ Certificate of business registration
+ Copy of contract and declaration of imported goods.
+ Technical documentation on light bulbs
+ Certificate of Trademark Registration
+ Announcement of product quality standards
+ List of light bulbs
+ Other certifications such as ISO 9001, (if applicable)
+ Label goods or packaging products

The following information is required:

- Manufacturers Name:
- Product code:.
- Capacity: (W)
- Energy Efficiency: (Lm / W)
- Life expectancy: (h)
- Certification Code:

Based on the dossiers sent, the General Department of Energy shall consider the dossiers and reply in writing to the enterprises within 20 working days. Issuing certificates after 5 working days if the results are satisfactory.


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