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The One Logistics would like to send to you the process of import customs clearance at Noi Bai International Airport in a meticulous, professional way:


1. Get shipment plan, order shipment (if needed), receive voucher from the customer.

When planning to buy goods, please tell us to be instructed how to pack goods, schedule the return ship, buy air fare and instruct how to ask for the necessary documents at the beginning of the country so that when the goods arrive Vietnam can be advantageous in customs clearance.

For some conditional items such as animals, plants, food, cosmetics ... the quarantine vouchers, quality certificates or factory standards are very important to make import procedures. Exports due to such goods are also related to many of our state management ministries.




2. Check all vouchers to avoid mistakes.


3. Place the declaration sheet and send it to the customer for checking (contents of declaration, payment terms, goods name, HS code, estimated tax, ...)

Currently, the customs policy changes very strongly, especially after implementing Circular 38/2015 / TT-BTC and Circular No. 39/2018 / TT-BTC dated April 20, 2018 of the Ministry of Finance main. It should be noted that when applying wrong code to the HS code, it is necessary to increase the import tax, customs officers may impose administrative sanctions on importing companies.

The imported documents are also electronically attached to the customs system so when there are errors we will be very difficult to modify the voucher.

So this is a very important step in the whole process. Being aware of that, The One Logistics is always cautious in reviewing documents, preparing customs declarations for customers to facilitate the import of goods.


4. Pass the electronic declaration, receive the results of the flow (for goods of companies, organizations). Paper Declaration (for individual goods).


5. Carrying out customs declaration procedures at Noi Bai Customs Department.

This is the most complex work stage because this process has many dominant factors.

First, the nature of goods is normal or conditional. Are imported products sensitive to HS codes or customs values. The name recorded on Airway Bill, in Manifest, in the Invoice and in the declaration is not identical.

Secondly, how is the experience of the students in the field directly going through customs declarations.

The third is to meet customs officers who understand the law, how fast or slow the working style, and the personality of the people.

Fourthly, due to other reasons such as customs leaders, declaring absent declarations, slow customs, network errors, power outages ...


6. Receipt of goods and goods at the warehouse goods Noi Bai.

Existing warehouses are often overloaded, so it is necessary to arrange a reasonable time to receive the documents and make a delivery order in advance so that when the customs clearance can be taken quickly.


7. Print the list of goods eligible through the customs supervision, stamped customs supervision, carry out procedures for goods delivery at Noi Bai warehouse.


8. Call the appropriate truck, loading and unloading (if needed), register for the vehicle in the parking lot of the warehouse to receive the goods.

When calling a freight vehicle, call before the customs supervision seal is stamped so that the transporter can get the car in time, enough time to queue for delivery. Make sure when the goods come out, we can take the goods to the car to pay for customers immediately.


9. Take photos of goods at the warehouse, inform the customer if there is any abnormality, make a record of delivery of goods.

This is a step that many people do not appreciate but according to The One Logistics, it is indispensable to the above actions. Because photographing goods in warehouses helps us to check whether the goods are the same as the agreement between customers and foreign partners (in terms of quantity, quantity, packing specifications). This will help our customers have a basis to exchange with suppliers. In addition, making a delivery record for the vehicle will help customers protect their rights when the goods are in trouble during transportation.


10. Put on the vehicle, notify customers to arrange a favorable time for both parties.


11. Make a payment request, write a service invoice and hand over the documents back to the customer.


The One Logistics is committed to ensuring the quality of customs services, clearance time and the most reasonable taxation costs, most beneficial to customers. Please contact us via Hotline: 0903.288.872 (Mr Thang) or email:

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