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The One Logistics provides customs services to import and take goods at international express delivery warehouses such as DHL, TNT, FEDEX, EMS, NASCO, HNC ...


The One Logistics will introduce you to the process when receiving imported goods in the courier department.


Step 1: Declaring customs declaration

When the item arrives, the courier warehouse will send us a notice of shipment, which can show the waybill number, weight, parcel number, return date, shipping name and instructions for receiving goods.

First, it is necessary to check carefully the parameters on the invoice, bill of lading such as buyer, seller, Incoterm conditions, goods name, quantity, value, ... whether or not it is correct. Then make a declaration and declare the import customs declaration. In this step we need to have a digital signature and know the information of Vnaccs account (User code, Password, Teminal ID, Teminal access key) because when customs declaration will need to enter this parameter.


 Customs declaration at express customs sub-department

It should also be noted that accurate HS codes should be checked before declaring to avoid import-related problems. For those who declare their imported goods regularly, they will check before the HS code and then consult customs before making an official declaration. This will help avoid a lot of small errors in customs records because when the customs have agreed to look at the documents first, they often compare important criteria, often being misrepresented to the business.


Step 2: Customs clearance of customs declaration at the customs sub-department for express delivery

After declaring the customs declaration, taking the declaration of the declaration, attaching the voucher to the V5 system, if the green flow declaration will be automatically cleared after we fulfill the tax obligation for that shipment, If the declaration of gold flow and red channel is needed, it is necessary to go to the courier department to send the declaration form to the leader to let the customs officer check the validity in the dossier and the actual import goods.


Common problems when customs clearance is made:

- The HS code is not accurate.

- Description of goods name missing brand, model, utility, ingredients, ...

- Low import prices

- Lack of freight bill or EXW charge for some terms in Incoterm.

- Goods subject to specialized inspection, import license.

- False declaration of some common criteria on declarations such as ship name, date of arrival, branch code, warehouse code waiting for customs clearance expected ...


 Customs clearance at the customs office courier

If our records are valid and goods are actually checked in accordance with the records (for red line declarations), our declaration will be approved for clearance to move to step 3.


Step 3: Get imported goods at the express delivery warehouse

This is the simplest stage in the whole process of importing goods. After clearance clearance, we will submit to customs supervision at warehouse. Customs supervision is the customs officers supervise the goods in and out of the warehouse. After the customs supervision is completed, we will go to the warehouse to export the goods, pay the storage fee and wait to receive the goods when the warehouse is returned.


 Receive goods at the courier department

The One Logistics provides services related to shipping, customs clearance and delivery at all international express delivery warehouses in Vietnam. We have a professional and dedicated customs declaration team, have a good relationship with customs departments and warehouses to help customers get goods quickly and conveniently.

Please contact The One Logistics right through the hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) when there are international express delivery goods.

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