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Road transport is an inseparable part of the logistics supply chain. The One Logistics Vietnam provides scheduled trucking, consolidating and leasing services on land vehicles such as automobiles, passenger cars, trucks, tankers, buses, container vehicles. trailers, trailers, trailers, etc. Depending on the volume and specificity of the goods, as well as customer requirements.


Road transport


Cargo safe:


       Those who rent trucks or containers carrying valuable, cumbersome goods are always in a state of "not eating well, sleeping peacefully" until the goods arrive safely. What factors need to be safe?

       First of all, human factor. People, including managers and drivers, must have expertise, experience driving while handling the situation on the road. The driver must be physically fit, sleep well, do not use stimulants when working. Executives should arrange enough personnel to change the shifts to the long car line, fast need.


       Secondly, the means of transportation must be guaranteed. The car is not only a property but also a machine to ensure the safety of people and goods, ensuring the ability to move speed, schedule. We attach great importance to this factor, ensuring that maintenance, maintenance and replacement of oil are on schedule.

       There are many transportation units that use vehicles that are too old, do not have regular maintenance, or have broken down to transport goods that cause delays or damage to goods on the road. Imagine if on the runway is crowded people that meet the slope or encounter obstacles in front of the car brake failure. How will the driver handle this? Is your product safe? Therefore choosing the right service provider is very important.


       Finally, the goods should be packaged, tallyed, aligned, reinforced during transport. Ensure the safety of goods during transportation should pay attention to whether the car itself has been warped, distorted, broken or not. Requires drivers to have experience, have "mind" with the goods of customers, consultants offer the optimal solution while loading goods. For bulk goods, it is necessary to count and sign the delivery record with both the deliverer and the receiver carefully.


Transporting goods by truck


Cargo on schedule:

       Status of the vehicle without notifying the owner of the goods in advance delay delivery progress, jam production line causing damage to the business. Time is money so you need to get to the point of receipt of goods on time, tallying, fast loading of goods, transporting goods to the place of delivery of goods on time.


Cargo combined, saving costs

       For those customers who want to save money, we meet their needs by combining two-way (inbound and outbound), with lots of items with a good payout. This would significantly reduce shipping costs for both parties.

      We set up a professional, dynamic transport team on all routes. Providing flexible transportation solutions with flexible plans for maximum efficiency.


The One Logistics Vietnam road transport services include:

       + Loading and rationalizing goods to avoid distortion, breakage.

       + Transportation of goods, equipment, machinery, raw materials to the factory and business enterprises.

       + Full package freight forwarding including counting, lifting, making records of delivery.

       + Oversized, super heavy cargo, bulk cargo and special cargo.

       + Shipping of household goods and personal belongings.

       + Carriage of goods in transit through countries.

       + Cargo temporarily imported for re-export and temporarily exported and re-imported.

       + Warehousing and distribution of goods


Transporting goods by container tractor


       In addition, The One Logistics also provides cargo clearance customs services, air transportation, sea

transportation, and customs clearance at land border gates for import and export cargoes.


       The One Logistics Vietnam offers inland transportation, cargo transportation with the fastest and safest road transport motto, prestigious road freight services, quality assurance services according to standard:

"Enough in terms of quality, time and place"


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