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In the import and export of goods and customs declaration, Invoice is an important document that most important documents all have to have. The current packing list in the customs dossier is not a mandatory document, but it is always accompanied by an invoice to help the consignee, customs officer or port operator understand the packing requirements. So what is Invoice? What is a packing list? How do you prepare this document? The One Logistics will present and present the best Invoice, Packing List form in this article.




1. Commercial invoice:

It is the basic document of the stage of payment. It is the seller's request that requires the buyer to pay the amount stated on the invoice. The invoice stating the goods' characteristics, unit prices and total value of goods; delivery conditions; payment methods; mode of transportation.

Invoices are usually made in several versions and are used in many different things: invoices are presented not only to the bank for claim but also to the insurance company to calculate insurance premiums when purchasing goods for the foreign exchange control agency of the importing country to apply for the grant of foreign currency, to the customs office for tax calculation.


2. Packing list

Packing list is a table listing all the goods in a package (box, box, container). Etc. Packaging is placed in the packaging so that buyers can easily find, Also available in a bag mounted outside the package.

The packing slip is usually a detailed packing list if it has such title and the content is relatively detailed or Neutrai packing list if the contents Its not showing the seller's name. At times, packing and weight lists are also issued.






Invoice template | Packing List (Form 1)


Invoice template | Packing List (Form 2)



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