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Sea freight import-export goods VOSTOCHNIY, Russia


1. Transportation of export goods to VOSTOCHNIY, Russia prestige, cheap of THE ONE Logistics


The One Logistics is a professional freight forwarder from Vietnam to Russia, VOSTOCHNIY. Commitment to good price, professional, most effective.

Trade relations between Vietnam and the Russian Federation are growing. Exports from Vietnam increased by 20% in the first seven months, while exports from Russia to Vietnam increased by 48%. Vietnam - Russia bilateral trade may continue to increase, especially when the Vietnam - Russia Free Trade Agreement (EEU) comes into force.

Vostochniy is a multimodal container terminal at the eastern end of the trans-Siberian railway. It is the largest port in the Far East of Russia. It is located in Vrangel (a suburb east of Nakhodka), Primorsky Krai. A deep-water port on Nakhodka Bay (part of Japan), it operates year-round and is suitable for handling large tonnage vessels. Vostochny is a hot water port in the Russian Far East.


Sea freight import-export goods VOSTOCHNIY, Russia


2. The One Logistics receives shipping from Vietnam to Vietnam, Russia

+   Container: Used to transport dry cargo, department store. Contain 20 feet, 40 feet DC / HC, 45 feet DC / HC container.

+   Container insulation: is used to transport the goods required during transportation to keep the temperature stable (may be hot or cold)

+   Container surface: used to transport the goods super-sized, super weight, steel, ...

+   Tank Container: Used to transport liquids (oils, chemicals, gases, alcohol, etc.)

+   Bulk Container: Used to transport bulk cargo (cement, grain, ore, ...)

+   Container dedicated: used to transport the specific goods, such as cars, cattle, ...

+   Roof openers: Used for transporting goods used for the transport of machinery and equipment.

At the same time, THE ONE Logistics consolidates, provides container shipping services (LCL) from Vietnamese ports to Russia, VOSTOCHNIY.


3. The One Logistics brings many benefits to customers

+    Good price: With the strength of cargo agents of major airlines, shipping lines, we have very competitive transportation prices, in line with business requirements of customers.

+    Wide network: The One Logistics works closely with agents all over the world to handle all orders for you.

+     Reliable service: Our staff is experienced, enthusiastic and professional.

+    Flexible service: The One Logistics Vietnam offers a variety of services. Therefore we can meet the requirements of customers in a flexible, professional way.


4. The One Logistics provides other services in the value chain

+   Multimodal Transport Services: Combining various modes of transport such as road-air, sea-road, railway-line

+   Professional warehousing services: Prestige warehouse services, according to international standards.

+   The One Logistics supports customers to declare customs, apply for import-export permits and specialized goods inspection procedures.


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Please contact The One Logistics immediately via hotline 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) to receive rates and services attached prestige and favorable price!



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