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Please join The One Logistics to learn about international shipping services in the article below.


1. What is international shipping?

International maritime transport is a transportation activity related to the use of infrastructure and means of shipping, which is the use of land and water areas associated with sea lanes connecting the countries, territories, or areas within a country, and the use of sea-going ships, loading and unloading equipment, etc., to facilitate the movement of passengers and goods on sea lanes.


International maritime transport


The One Logistics Vietnam Trading and Service Co., Ltd offers competitive and fastest freight rates and freight rates for LCL and FCL from Vietnam to anywhere. in the world and vice versa.

The One Logistics associates with reputable agents around the globe, ensuring the fast and safest delivery of customs, warehousing, transportation and distribution services.

We always strive to provide customers with quality service, efficiency and solutions for long-term development and cooperation. The One Logistics is proud to be considered as a trusted partner in the field of multimodal transportation in Vietnam.


2. Major Services - International Shipping at The One Logistics

+ Provide customers with export and import services by sea from Vietnam to all over the world and vice versa.
+ The strong markets include: USA, EUs, JAPAN, ASIA, CHINA ...
+ Quality of service is guaranteed by direct routes through reputable and reputable network of agents.
+ Competitive price and fastest delivery time, always associated with carrier liability insurance.
+ Containerized goods service at competitive prices and with support for storage charges.
+ Door to door services.

Please contact The One Logistics via hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) for advice and the best international shipping service!

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