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Korean products are always the first choice of consumers. Choosing from Korea is a lot of fan especially young. The One Logistics provides airfreight services from Korea to Vietnam with prestigious, competitive prices.


Want to buy products or cosmetics from Korea?

+Want to ship from Korea to Vietnam?

Do you need to find some functional foods and ginseng from Korea?

Do you need to buy some electronics from Korea that do not want to have to complete the paperwork?

Want to find a reputable, fast and secure unit to buy and ship from Korea to Vietnam?


Shipping charges from Korea to Vietnam


The One Logistics Vietnam is the first choice to provide handheld services from Korea to Vietnam, shipments from Korea to Vietnam.

1. When buying from Korea, what difficulties do you usually face?

+ Cost, time and effort to complete import procedures.
+ High rates and portable operations are not professional and stable
+ Products are not up to the requirements and quality is not guaranteed.

The One Logistics Vietnam is committed to:

+ The procedure of importing goods from Korea to Vietnam is simple.
+ Customs procedures from Korea to Vietnam are easiest.
+ Shipping charges are clearly stated to you.
+ The types of surcharge under the general standard.
+ The procedure for obtaining and importing the package.
+ Delivery to your requirements.


2. Process of transporting goods from Korea to Vietnam

2.1. If you have family or relatives in Korea want to send goods to Vietnam

Step 1: Confirm information and advice  

If you need transportation please contact our for the most dedicated consultant. Normally you need to transfer the following basic information:

+  First and last name.
+  Kind of goods, mail.
+  Size, weight, weight, packed or not, ..
+  The voucher documents accompanying documents.
+  Declare the type of service you want to use: express courier, express delivery, ...
+  Recipient Address: Note as detailed as possible.
+  In there, some indispensable information: name, address of receipt of goods, telephone number.
With the information above, we will advise you the most specific way and way of transportation from Korea to Vietnam.


Step 2: Shipping at the warehouse of cheap international shipping in Korea

After confirming the order, instructs shipping address, shipping address and packing status.

Please note the complete information as directed.

You provide the tracking number of the inland delivery letter. We track orders to and from the tracking number you provide.


Step 3: Pay and receive

After the commitment time, the goods will be transferred to the warehouse at our company to weigh the second measurement. Then our system will message to request payment. Please transfer money to pay and receive goods immediately.

For those items sent to the provinces, our company will provide the service of transportation and domestic courier at the cheapest price for you.


2.2. You buy goods directly from Korean companies and send them to Vietnam.

You only need to provide product information and we will perform the rest of the service. That is, we will help you with the remaining processes, including purchase and shipping from A - Z depending on your requirements.


Step 1: You announce the product you want to buy.

Step 2: Within 12 hours at the latest. will send the details of your order.

Step 3: You pay the order to be ordered immediately.

Step 4: After the goods arrive in Vietnam, you pay the remaining amount and receive the goods.


3. Why do you choose us when shipping from Korea to Vietnam?

+ Fast delivery time.
+ Quality assurance of goods.
+ Low cost international transportation is one of the leading companies in the field of logistics in Vietnam.
+ Shipping from Korea to Vietnam cheap.
+ Commodity insurance policy
+ Ensure the safety of goods
+ Service Package

The One Logistics Vietnam is proud to be the unit to buy Korean goods and ship from South Korea to Vietnam with attractive prices. Not only that, we also undertake customs formalities and sub-category when goods return. Please contact us for advice and help to transport, receiving goods at home easily and most cost-effective. Hotline: 090.328.8872 - Mr Thang


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