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Transporting goods from Korea to Vietnam is a hot topic that is of great interest and is in great demand. The One Logistics can meet all transportation needs of customers such as cosmetics, electronic goods, clothes, mother and baby products, bulky goods, oversized goods ...

In order to facilitate the transportation of goods, the two parties must understand each other, cooperate well with each other from packing specifications, delivery time, related procedures in Korea, procedures for receiving goods in Vietnam. .




The One Logistics would like to introduce the process of transporting goods from Korea to Vietnam:

- Customers provide goods information and information of Shipper senders in Korea.

- The One Logistics forwarding agent will contact Shipper to confirm the details of the goods, delivery time, delivery location, and necessary procedures in Korea.

- After receiving the goods, The One Logistics will book a plane (book an air fare) for the agent to deliver goods to Incheon, Busan, Muan, Jeju airports. Ensure the earliest, fastest and most reasonable flight schedule.

- Direct flight time is from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the departure airport and destination. If it takes a flight, it will take 2-3 days.

- The One Logistics will carry out customs procedures and pick up goods at the airport and deliver to the requested address. After handing over the goods, the goods are in good condition, the customer has finished the payment, then a shipment process ends.


Basically, when having a professional and trusting unit like The One Logistics providing services, you will find it easy to send goods from Korea or anywhere in the world. The One Logistics will take care of you from A to Z when you have goods that need international shipping. Most of the problems of packaging, shipping and the license or customs procedures are handled flexibly by us.


When transporting goods from Korea to Vietnam, the most important factor is the safety of goods and the time to receive goods in Vietnam.

Both of these important factors, The One Logistics, are very responsive because of the clear handling process, specifically helping your goods to be preserved, stowing the ship carefully. What about the time to receive goods in Vietnam? We guarantee that customers in Vietnam will receive the goods after 1-2 days from when our Korean dealer receives goods from Shipper shippers. Why so fast? Because in the process of transporting goods from Korea, the job takes a lot of time, especially the time for customs clearance at the airport. We have experienced, enthusiastic and dynamic import and export procedures team, thus significantly reducing the clearance time.


Please contact The One Logistics when you need to transport goods from Korea or anywhere in the world to Vietnam via hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang). We are always ready to serve 24/24 and always ensure to bring trust to every customer from providing our best service.

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