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The One Logistics is honored to be the main unit of customs procedures and a number of other procedures for the export of masks to support Russia against Covid-19 epidemics, which the Vietnamese government previously awarded to the Russian government. April 13, 2020

Authorized by the Prime Minister, on the afternoon of April 13, Deputy Foreign Minister To Anh Dung handed over the goods to support Covid-19 epidemic prevention by the Government and the people of Vietnam to the Government and people of the Federation. Russia 150,000 anti-splash fabric masks made by Vietnam. Attending the ceremony were representatives of the Government Office, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Vietnam Konstantin Vnukov.

As a Comprehensive Strategic Partner, with a spirit of mutual affection, the Government of Vietnam wishes to dedicate part of its resources to the Government and people of Russia in the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, thanks Russian rights continue to pay deep attention to the Vietnamese community currently living in Russia in the difficult epidemic situation.

Russian Ambassador Konstantin Vnukov expressed his deep thanks to the Government and people of Vietnam for their valuable help to the Russian Government and people in the present time, considering this as a testament to the friendly relationship. Tradition and Traditional Vietnam - Russia Friendship Partnership.


Vietnam Awarded 150000 masks to help the Russian government against covid-19 epidemic

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With the trust of the government and Russian embassy in Vietnam as well as Mr. Nilov Roman - 3rd Secretary, The One Logistics has gathered resources, consulted and built the missing documents to add to the customs records, build more content for the note of embassy and send it to Noi Bai airport's Customs Branch to prove the origin of the goods and the purpose of exporting this shipment.

We helped to clear customs for the Russian embassy through agent digital signatures, customs clearance 3 days before of schedule fly to ensure that this meaningful humane shipment is free of any mistakes. , helping the Vietnamese embassy in Russia to receive goods as quickly as possible. This will help the mask shipment be sent to the Russian government by the Vietnamese embassy in Russia as soon as possible, thereby helping the mask reach the Russian people faster, helping to prevent covid-19 epidemic more effectively.


Note of the Russian Embassy sent to the Customs Branch of Noi Bai Airport

The One Logistics performs customs clearance for exported goods of the Russian embassy


In the process of bringing goods into the customs supervision area, the isolation area for loading on the plane, The One Logistics also works very carefully and urgently so that the goods are gathered in one place, convenient for declaration operations cargo at Noi Bai international airport.


Bringing export masks to Russia into the customs controlled area


In addition, the national airline of Vietnam - Vietnam airlines also enthusiastically arranged staff, resources, and aircraft. This airline agrees to reduce airfare for the Embassy family and free air transport, surcharges, and other fees related to air transport for 1000 kg of masks - gifts humanitarian to Russia.


Souvenir photo between the Embassy of Russia - Vietnam airlines - The One Logistics after completing procedures for exporting masks - humanitarian gift shipments

Air waybill for humanitarian aid masks to Russia

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