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Look up express mail, especially look up the Fedex bill of lading, which is of great interest to many people. How to Lookup a Fedex Courier Bill of Lading. Tracking the order journey when sending goods via Fedex courier, The One Logistics will guide you to look up the Fedex express waybill in the article below.

Fedex is a reputable international courier company with many branches and worldwide coverage. In Vietnam, people also trust and use the service of this express carrier.


To look up the Fedex express bill of lading, please follow these steps:


Step 1: Visit our homepage at:


Step 2: At the homepage interface in the section "TRACK YOUR SHIPMENT" section "Select shipper" we choose "Fedex"


Instructions for tracking the Fedex bill of lading


Step 3: Enter the Fedex Courier Bill of Lading in the "Enter your Master Bill" then select "TRACK-TRACE"


Track Trace FedEx Express Bill of Lading


Step 4: Read the results that appear in the search results section of the courier.


Lookup information Fedex Courier Bill of Lading

In the Fedex courier shipment information section, we can see the number of packages, the weight, the box size, the date the parcel was shipped.


Track the Fedex waybill postage route


In the detailed shipping schedule section, We can see when Fedex will receive the goods from abroad, which transit airport, when the goods will return to Vietnam and even when the recipient will receive them. your mail.


In addition, at Fedex courier, we support import customs clearance for shipments of individuals and organizations in need. In particular, there is a service of applying for a license, checking quality, food safety, applying for a certificate of exemption from inspection for individual goods and small quantities. We also serve more individual and organizational customers who need to get parcels quickly, clear customs quickly, be flexible in the government's policies, and the customs mechanism is suitable to serve the needs of customers. Customs clearance of goods and delivery of parcels to recipients.


Please note that for individual goods, imported samples still need to comply with product policies such as import permits, goods quality inspection, food hygiene and safety inspection. Imported goods also need to pay import tax and value added tax as prescribed, except for low-value goods of less than 1 million dong. Thus, when there is a notice of arrival and the request for goods policy that Fedex sends to customers, they are correct and in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.


With many years in the logistics industry, we have specific methods to help customers receive their parcels as quickly as possible at the most appropriate cost. If you need advice or use the service of picking up goods, customs clearance of parcels to deliver to the recipient, do not hesitate to call us at hotline: 0903.288.872 (Mr Thang)


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