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Track container as well as track-trace international ship is in great demand because most of the import and export goods are transported by sea.


Shipping goods by sea is developing strongly because of the outstanding advantages of this mode of transportation. However, at present, there are many large shipping companies, with separate lookup websites of carriers, which are still making it difficult to track-trace the position of international ships. Moreover, under the complicated situation of the covid epidemic, ship schedules are often delayed, departing or arriving at ports later than expected, causing many difficulties in preparing goods and incurring costs.

Therefore, international ship tracking is now more important than ever. So how to track the location of the container. track-trace the location of the ship, let's go find out.

Most of the current ocean carriers can track the ship's position, track the container's position at their homepage. In addition, we also have one more simple way below.


Guide to track containers - track the fastest sea waybill:

Step 1: If you want to track the location of the container, track the location of the ship, just visit a single website, the homepage of The One Logistics at:


Step 2: In the "TRACK YOUR SHIPMENT" section, select the shipper as "Bill Of Lading" if you want to track the sea waybill or select "Container" if you want to track the container.


Trace-trace Bill of lading


In the picture above, we choose "Bill Of Lading" that is, we must enter the bill of lading below, then perform a sea waybill track-trace.

Note in this case, we must enter the MBL master bill of lading number to be able to conduct the tracking, not the HBL House bill of lading.


Track-trace container


You can also choose the carrier as "Container" then enter the container number and track the container's location. For LCL retail, you can use both methods above to track, but usually when the goods arrive at the port (for imported goods), the consignee will receive an arrival notice issued by the shipping agent. Track-trace the sea waybill or tracking the container will help you get information earlier than when the shipping agent issues the arrival notice, helping you be more proactive in customs procedures.


Step 3: Enter the data corresponding to the choice in step 2. For example, enter the sea waybill (MBL) or enter the container number to perform the track-trace of the ship's position, look up the container.


Step 4: Click "TRACK-TRACE" to do an international shipping location tracking if the Select shipper is "Bill Of Lading" or a container tracking if you have a "container" Select shipper channel.


Track-trace the position of international ships


This is the result of track-trace the position of international ships through the tracking of the sea waybill of ONE shipping company. In the results show the entire process of importing and exporting goods and the route of the ship. With this shipment, the goods are transshipped through 3 different ships. The goods were on board the NORHERN JAGUAR 113N ship going from Australia to Singapore, then the container was transferred to the MOL CREATION 080E ship to go to Cai Mep, then the goods were transported to Hai Phong from the BIENDONG NAVIGATOR NB2118N. As we can see, if our shipment goes through many transshipment ports and so many ships, it is very easy to be delayed due to congestion at the transshipment port or the delay of connecting vessels.


track-trace container location


The above container track results are export shipments from Hai Phong, Vietnam to Los Angeles, USA. The container was shipped from June 24 to August 12 to reach the port of Los Angeles, the container was also transshipped through another ship at Xiamen before arriving in Los Angeles, USA.


Benefits of container lookup, sea waybill lookup:

- Know the position of the container, the position of the international ship at the moment.

- Know the route of the container as well as the ship.

- Analyze the time of sea transportation, the number of ship changes, the number of transshipment ports so that there are adjustment options for the next shipments.


If you have any questions or need assistance in track-trace containers, tracking the location of international ships, do not hesitate to call us via hotline: 0903.288.872 (Mr Thang).

In addition, we also provide very professional and fast international sea freight and customs services for all types of items.


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