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In response to the need to track goods by express courier, The One Logistics has integrated the courier delivery schedule lookup into our website system.


After a series of tutorials to track the international flight schedule of imported and exported goods, to track the shipping schedule of international goods, this article would like to introduce the courier schedule lookup.

Many of you order online on consumer goods, or many companies still order international goods via the internet will be chosen by the foreign seller to be the courier method by post. This shipping plan is not as expensive as the famous courier companies such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, ... but still ensure the delivery schedule as usual air cargo transport.


In order to search for courier goods by post, you visit The One Logistics homepage and then enter the bill of express number into the "POST/EMS TRACKING" box to track.

Among the options in our home page, there are 4 boxes to enter the search parameters like air cargo tracking, bill of lading tracking, container tracking, post/EMS tracking. In case you track the schedule of courier goods by post, you need to enter the correct box "POST/EMS TRACKING" to get the tracking results.


Track postal courier bill of cargo

A Tracking result box appears, we click on the track to get the track results.


Track postal order


Tracking results of flight schedules appear including: Number of flights, departure airports, transit airports, destination airports, flight times, delivery times at destination points ...


Results of tracking cargo


Another example is the item ordered from Japan. Results when tracking for courier goods by post when entering the number of bill we have integrated very fully and clearly to facilitate the tracking of our import and export shipments.


Results of courier schedule tracking


Thus, through this article, surely you can track the schedule of goods that you or your company ordered from abroad. In addition, we also integrate other useful searches such as tracking import and export goods through air routes, tracking the schedule of containers and ships' schedules to export from Vietnam to meet the diverse needs of more people.

Hopefully this article and this website will be useful for many of you working in the import and export industry, customs declarations, and you can order products via postal courier.


For more information or more answers, please contact our hotline 0903.288.872 (Mr Thang) for thoughtful and dedicated instructions.


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