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Nowadays, many businesses and individuals are in great need of doing business in China - our biggest trading gate. The One Logistics would like to send you the process, method and service of transporting goods from China to Vietnam.


Most people use this keyword only to make the service of ordering the Chinese business in Vietnam mainly. At present, there are very few Chinese-style trucking companies that carry project cargoes, oversize cargoes, super-heavy cargoes for factories, industrial parks and large hydroelectric projects. Therefore, many customers have to spend a lot of time searching online to find Chinese shipping companies in the right way.


transporting goods from China to Vietnam


I. Shipping China can be divided into the following two

If the content of Chinese goods transportation for the item and the customer


1. Transportation of Chinese goods for large equipment procurement:


  • Many enterprises, organizations and individuals wish to place orders from the Chinese side to Vietnam for commercial purposes or to equip factories, factories and large projects, especially factory projects. , hydropower projects in Vietnam.
  • Transportation of commercial goods to mines for mining enterprises such as coal, stone, linen .... . Those who want to order goods from China and transport goods from China to Vietnam are mostly importing and trading companies supplying mining supplies.
  • Target Chinese suppliers: Typically, manufacturing plants or large material suppliers, they are less likely to appear online in the form of stores on China's e-commerce sites.


2. Shipping Chinese goods in the direction of Chinese household purchasing service, ordering Chinese household


  • This is the current type of service that is highly developed in Vietnam. It is the service of ordering Chinese goods or buying Chinese goods ie taobao ordering services, purchasing taobao or ordering 1688 or something so that enterprises would like to connect with China to import raw materials It is difficult to find equipment suppliers who are looking for a professional Chinese carrier that the One Logistics is one of them.
  • The object of using this service is the traders and individuals who flag Chinese goods for sale as reseller. There are also people using Chinese shipping services (actually buying Chinese goods) rather than shopping for personal needs.
  • So buy the Chinese household, order the Chinese household in this manner is like. This part is not very clear so you can refer to the dedicated forum or transport forum there I see quite a lot of people posting this service. As far as my understanding of this service is concerned, people with demand for goods will go to China's major e-commerce sites such as the of Alibaba Group or similar sites like ... They see the items on those pages and then send the web addresses to the Chinese carriers in line with the content of this 2 to buy the Chinese goods.


II. Transportation of Chinese goods on an import / export basis


If the content of China's goods transported in the direction from China or China, basically the following three.


1. Transportation of Chinese goods imported into Vietnam


Transportation of Chinese goods imported into Vietnam


  • If you intend to ship Chinese goods in the direction of Chinese buyers, order Chinese goods, then you should skip this section because my advice is for you to find shipping service providers. You will not have to pay any attention to customs procedures, transportation from the manufacturer's warehouse to the border gate of Vietnam, and from the border gate of Vietnam to the provinces of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City. Minh, Danang ..
  • Obviously in this direction you have to go through customs procedures, and this is, in my opinion, quite complicated depending on how you buy Chinese goods under contract, whether through intermediaries or not. direct.
  • If you are planning to transport Chinese goods for large equipment purchase, I would like to contact you directly with the support of The One Logistics Vietnam as they will know the tax. How much, how customs, how to check the quality, CO and other types of quarantine, if so ...


2. Transportation of Chinese goods in the sense of exporting goods from Vietnam to China


Usually this type of transportation is not very difficult because the suppliers themselves, the production facilities for export they have a thorough study of the market as well as procedures related to the sale of goods to China. National. In addition, Chinese buyers of Vietnamese products also take the initiative in doing so.

However, if you have any questions, please contact The One Logistics Import & Export Specialist.


3. Transportation of Chinese goods in the sense of temporary import for re-export


According to the content of this transportation is the goods are purchased by Chinese people from elsewhere in the world, their cargo by the shipping lines to the ports in Hai Phong and shipping companies in Hai Phong will Cargo to the port designated by the Chinese cargo owner. Normally, these shipping companies will directly or indirectly carry out Customs procedures for importing goods and then carry out Customs procedures for exporting goods from Vietnam to China. This is called temporary carriage of goods for re-export.

This type of shipping is mostly container shipping. Chinese shippers are mainly food, raw materials for production from the world and then packed into containers. For dried goods in terms of customs clearance customs clearance in Hai Phong is usually 20 or 40 containers (DC). For chilled or frozen meat, cheeses are usually packed in cold containers.


III. Basic cycle of shipping goods temporarily imported for re-export


This shipment process is basically as follows: Shipping carrier, customs importer and container shipping company (the latter 2 can be a company) have returned to ports in Hai The company will carry out the customs formalities will do the necessary procedures to get the goods and deliver to the carrier. The container carrier will take the necessary documents to transport the goods to the designated border gate. The customs clearance company integrates the consignor to deliver the goods to the representative of the Chinese consignee at the border and completes the necessary formalities for customs clearance.

If you ask our company to transport container goods or not? and how to route this type of goods, I would also give some basic information:

  • Shipping containers from Hai Phong port - Huu Nghi and Tan Thanh border gates
  • Shipping containers from Hai Phong port - Bac Phong Sinh border gate, Mong Cai
  • Transportation of container cargo from Hai Phong port - Kim Thanh border gate, Khau Mausal gate.
  • Transportation of containers from Hai Phong port - Ta lung border gate .. and other northern border gates
  • Shipping containers from Noi Bai airport - border gates: This is a special case because it is not a sea port port but an airport, customs clearance or air cargo (side I also specialize in customs clearance and air cargo shipping offline). Often these items by air like salmon, shrimp, crab, fruit of high value. After the drawdown at the post office, the goods will be put into the container and the container shipper will take the next steps.


Please contact us for a comprehensive solution to transport goods from China via air, sea and shipments through road border. Hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang)


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