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What is customs clearance and what does it mean?


Welcome everyone, Today, according to The One Logistics, we would like to share with you the topic of "Customs Clearance" during the implementation of customs procedures along with a number of sharing related to the current threading. Basically, Vietnam Customs classified into 3 main streams: Green, Yellow, Red. Specifically, how do we go in depth?




1. What is customs clearance

In the process of integration with the world economy, the import and export activities in our country are strong and complex. Along with that, Vietnam Customs has carried out the distribution of imported and exported goods (called Customs Channels for short) in order to supervise the inspection and management of goods into and out of our country. The goods are classified into 3 streams: green, yellow, and red.

What is green stream?

Customs green channeling is exempt from detailed inspection of documents and goods. The customs declaration is automatically cleared on the system. However, please note that after customs clearance, customs declarants still have to attach customs documents to the V5 system.

What is Yellow stream?

For customs gold channeling, the customs officer will check the details of the file, including the attached file on the V5 system and other paper documents if any such as C/O, license, quarantine, etc. do not check the actual, detailed goods.

What is customs red stream?

When the customs declaration is red, it means that the customs officer will check the details of the file and conduct a direct inspection of the goods.


2. The process of dividing goods flow and regulations on actual goods inspection

According to Circular 38/2015/TT-BTC Regulations on customs procedures and Circular 39/2018/TT-BTC amending Circular 38/2015/TT-BTC, customs procedures for commercial goods Trade includes 5 steps::

  • Step 1: Transmit the electronic declaration, conduct automatic customs clearance. Clearance of customs declarations for declarations subject to customs channelization is a green channel.
  • Step 2: The customs officer receives the dossier and checks the details of the dossier. When the dossier is valid, clear the customs declaration for the part of the yellow channel or transfer to the department for physical inspection of the goods for the declaration with the red channel.
  • Step 3: The customs department supervises and supervises the goods after customs clearance or when the actual goods are inspected.
  • Step 4: Check the actual goods for the red channel customs channel at the rate of 5%, 10% or 100%. Clearance of the customs declaration when the goods are true to the declaration.
  • Step 5: Customs declaration is stored and post-clearance inspection is carried out if necessary.


The process of dividing goods flow and regulations on actual goods inspection


Thus, the green, yellow and red divisions will be made after step 1. The goods are classified in formal step 2. Accordingly, the formal order will produce the results to determine the level of goods inspection . Your cargoes can go to the following streams:


2.1. Green : Enterprises shall strictly abide by the provisions of law on customs, exempt detailed examination of dossiers (paper documents) and exempt from goods inspection. Normally, the goods are exported to the blue stream quite regularly.

Import and export goods are cleared from the source of e-customs declaration information, exempt from documentary inspection and go directly to step 4: Collect the fee, seal and then review the dossier.


2.2 Yellow : If the result shows the customs clearance of the documents (paper documents), do not check the details of goods. If no violation is detected, the customs clearance process will move to step 4 is like a green stream.


2.3. Red : Where the flow result is red, the customs office shall examine the dossier in detail and conduct the direct inspection of the goods. At the actual inspection level of the lot according to Circular 38/2015/TT-BTC as follows:

  • The actual inspection shall not exceed 5% of the goods lot: the inspection shall be conducted to assess the compliance with the customs law of the goods owner, if there are no signs of violation, the inspection shall be terminated if any. to determine the extent of the violation.
  • Actual inspection of 10% of lots: goods exempt from actual inspection but customs offices have analyzed the information and found that there were signs of wrong violation, if no violation was detected, the inspection shall be terminated. If any, continue to check until the level of violation.
  • Actual inspection of the whole lot: For goods whose owner has repeatedly violated the customs law.


At present, the customs clearance of goods is increasingly synchronized and modern by e-customs declaration procedures to replace processing systems, assessing the degree of objective inspection with the rich management team. experience. Assignment of green, yellow and red streams so that customs offices can well carry out the process of managing the customs procedures for import and export goods. At the same time, it helps enterprises raise their awareness and responsibility in production and business and complete the import-export business.


Hopefully after this article you will have more useful information related to the customs channel. Thanks for reading my writing.


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