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Cosmetic announcement is mandatory for businesses, organizations and individuals before wanting to bring any cosmetic product to market. Licensing of cosmetic announcement is carried out at the Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health.

The One Logistics would like to send you the procedure for making cosmetic announcement. Currently cosmetics have been published on a national portal, it is very convenient for businesses wishing to register for publication.


Information of cosmetics announcement

Information of cosmetics announcement card has just been completed

- Announcing cosmetics or cosmetics circulation announcement, which is the organization that the organization or individual producing or importing cosmetics must register their products with quality, ensuring no influence. to consumers' health.

- Announcement of cosmetics is currently interested by many businesses in the first time of publication, the implementation procedure is not too complicated. But it requires the implementer to understand the Law as well as the pharmaceutical ingredients in cosmetics.

- The Ministry of Health currently regulates the management of home-made cosmetic products and imported cosmetics for circulation within the territory of Vietnam, including: cosmetic products announcement; product information profile; requirements on cosmetic product safety; cosmetic labeling; cosmetic advertising; exporting and importing cosmetics; take cosmetic samples for quality inspection; inspection, inspection and handling of violations; responsibilities of organizations and individuals producing, trading and importing cosmetics and consumer rights.

- Therefore, all cosmetic products of your business, before being put into circulation on the Vietnamese market, must follow the procedure of cosmetic announcement and must have a registered cosmetics publication at Drug Administration - Ministry of Health.

- In addition, Cosmetic announcement helps customers to bring their products to consumers in the most effective way. Help consumers feel secure using the published product and at the same time limit the use of poor quality products that are harmful to consumers' health.


Profile of imported cosmetics announced - Why should cosmetics be published?


1. Fill in the registration form on the national one-stop portal

2. Business registration certificate of importer

3. Table of component analysis of competent authorities

4. Power of attorney from the manufacturer or product owner.

In case the owner hires the processing, the authorization letter must be imported by the owner of the cosmetic product.
The power of attorney must be a certified copy of the signature and legalized by the consulate in accordance with the law, except for cases of exemption from consular legalization under international treaties to which Vietnam is a member.

5. Certificate of free circulation (CFS)

Free cosmetic circulation certificates must be issued by the host country in a valid and valid manner. Where CFS does not specify a time limit, it must be issued within 24 months from the date of issue.

CFS must be consular legalized in accordance with the law, except for cases of exemption from consular legalization under international treaties to which Vietnam is.


If you need more information or need to publish cosmetics and cosmetics, please contact us via the hotline: 090.328.8872 (Mr Thang) to get answers and get a quote. We are committed to the quality of service, the price and the announcement time is the shortest.


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